Calling All Idol Fans  

I wanted to share with everyone my favorite Idol blogs and sites. I read them all the day after an Idol night. Some of them are not in full swing yet (like mine) because it's just auditions but they will be in full Idol mode soon.

The Woes and The Prose of An American Idol Junkie
Jennifer's blog was the first AI blog I ever read and, therefore, is close to my heart. She doesn't really start full force until the Semi-Finals but she is well worth the wait.

MJ's Big Blog
All American Idol All the Time - MJ spends the entire year posting about all things Idol (great for videos in case you miss a show)

The Pop Eye (by Beckeye)
She covers everything worth covering in pop culture. She is also getting very handy at PhotoShop (be sure to check out her profile picture)

High Lord Dave's Blog
Right now, he is on a cruise with his wife but he'll be back soon. He makes up funny names for the contestants and is the unofficial keeper of the Idol Commandments (which he hasn't posted yet due to the cruise thing).

Vote for the Worst
NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED - This is also not a site for those of you who take this TV show seriously. The recaps are entertaining and colorful. This is the site that loves to hate Idol. They also claim responsibility for keeping Sanjaya around so long (and I think they were).

Yes, I'm Addicted Too
Last year it was Ian watching the show with his mom. This year, it looks like he has moved out with his brother. I'm sure we'll know what his brother thinks about all this as well.

Then there is my blog (I'm re-posting this note there as well)!
The Winchester Mantoni's...And Other Stuff
I'm taking a queue from Jennifer and not live blogging until the Semi-Finals (but I'm thinking of starting during Hollywood Week).

I hope all you Idol fans enjoys these blogs. Remember to leave comments. We bloggers live for comments!


PS - If you haven't checked out Jessica's blog, please do!

PPS - I almost forgot Jennifer's blog at

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How much do I owe you? ;)

Thanks for the link! For what it's worth, my brother's not a big "Idol" fan, he just puts up with it because I am. I imagine a few of his comments will pop up occasionally. He is a huge "Lost" fan, so we may end up fighting over the TV during the second half of the 2-hour Top 36 announcement show.