Oh Snap!!!  

Bush got told today! Our new President unloaded both barrels into him. It was a sight to behold...at least for me!

Today was a wonderful day. I don't know if anything will change but I feel that change is finally possible. I feel that ANYTHING is possible. I hope this feeling lasts for a long time.

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the pundits on ABC were marveling about how after Obama spanked Bush in his inaugural speech, Bush gave him a hug. They were saying, Oh, Bush was determined to be polite. I think the truth is that Bush was daydreaming about butterflies and peanut butter sandwiches and wasn't even listening to the speech.


You may have something with the daydreaming idea. In addition to butterflies and peanut butter sandwiches, I bet he was wondering if he packed his toothbrush.


One of the pundits on CNN was saying that Obama didn't really mean it in a bad way.... LOL I don't know what she was on---Obama was definitely letting the nation, and Bush, know that we're finally getting back on course.