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Carmi over at Written Inc. posts a Thematic Photographic Challenge each week and normally, I have nothing. That is until now! This week's theme is grounded and here is my photo.

I took this last week while in Vegas. I have a great new camera and was snapping pics of everything. I took this photo of my Uncle Scott, my mom and me...well, our shadows really...on the ground while waiting for the monorail. Mom thought it was silly but I thought it was pretty cool. Turns out, taking this pic was the only lucky thing that happened to me in Vegas!!

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That's a cool shot. By the way, I nominated you for a blog award! Check out my site for info...

great shadow shot. def fits the theme.

do you play in poker tournaments in vegas? only poker i do there is of the video kind. of course i rarely gamble now (that's what happens after you live there 21 yrs lol and locals usually stay away from strip/downtown..haha)

i'm up @

I like this ... a neat perspective :)

Great thought for the Grounded theme. Art and photography is where you find it. I like this...clever.

thx for stopping by and commenting on my photos.

you know, i think i like you already. you said your favorite game is keno. it's mine, too. i worked as a keno runner, then writer, eventually shift supervisor (spent about 8 yrs doing keno).

vegas is like any other place with its schools, shopping, etc. most ppl don't realize we (i live in no. cali now, i should say) actually have suburbs lol one big thing going on right now is the amt of foreclose homes...that is VERY big there. kinda like here, too. the whole attitude is different, least i think so, but i still enjoyed living there. oh yeah, you know about the 1teen summers right? LOL hottest i recall when i was there was around 120!

EXCELLENT. I love shadows and enjoyed your post. Sorry you didn't win in Vegas though...

You can see my grounded at:

Nice shot! Shadows are wonderfully weird things aren't they? (I had to stop and see where mine was just now.)