Look what I made  

Yesterday was a busy day for me. Mike was suppose to go to Rockville so I woke up way early to drop off the laundry, get the car an oil change, and get home by 9:30. I did all that and came home to Mike telling me that he wasn't going to go. Well, crap! Oh well. At least I got an early start on the day. Since Mike was going to be in Rockville, I scheduled a necklace and bracelet class at the new store downtown, The Potomac Bead Company, and couldn't cancel. I went and made the above. I think it turned out great!

This is only HALF of what I had to choose from!

I'm surprised it only took me 45 minutes to pick out my beads.

This is how my project started out.

As it turns out, the only thing they really taught us was how to finish it off. I can string beads with the best of them and I'm sure everyone else could to. It's finishing them off and making something usable that I had a problem with. Here's what I learned:

Now, I'm ready to make Christmas gifts for everyone...once I buy the tools! The bead are kinda pricey too. The class was $18.00 and the supplies I used were an additional $24.00. Well, at least I know what I need to know now.

OH! There was also a car show being held downtown when I went to take my class. There were all kinds of cars and people downtown. Here's one of the cars.

There was a cooler car that I saw first but I didn't realize I had my camera until it was almost time to go to class. I promise not to be such a dunderhead next time!

Do you do anything interesting this weekend?

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Very pretty!
I'm recovering from my walk which was almost a trot.

Your jewelry came out looking very nice. The car was very nice as well.

Here from Michele's


My mom is addicted to jewelry.. if you lived here she would make you make her stuff and she would throw money at you.

That is very pretty!

Hi--I'm here from Michele, but I'm glad I came. Your work is beautiful!


Cute necklace! It goes great with the decor in my den.

Yes! If you go to NYC, the Doughnut Plant's doughnuts are a must!

First, good job on the beads. Secondly, I love your new blog layout!

My weekend consisted of food and sports. One of my brothers and my sister had a dual birthday get-together at her house.

Oooo pretty!

I'm mostly impressed with the fact that it only took you 45 min to pick out your beads. If it were me, I'd probably still be there!