Leapin' Lizards! V Gets Rebooted  

That's the headline that caught my eye on my home page this morning. To my absolute JOY, the SciFi channel are redoing "V" the 1980's alien invasion move that featured hamster-eating aliens and Marc Singer (YUM). You can read the whole story here.

I LOVE the "V" miniseries to death! A few years ago I got the DVDs and watch the entire thing and then watched it with the commentary by creator/producer/mastermind Kenneth Johnson turn on. About 3 hours into it, he said that if we, the viewing audience, had any more questions, we could e-mail him and then he gave out his e-mail! I could not believe my ears. I thought it must be a joke or something. I had to try! I got on my e-mail and tried to figure out what to ask him besides how I get in touch with Marc Singer. Then it hit me. I had watched "Independence Day" just before watching "V" and I was struck by the similarities between the two. I decided I would ask him if he received credit for the inspiration for that blockbuster movie. I hit send and waited. Less than an hour later I got a response!!!! I truly couldn't believe that I was actually exchanging e-mails with him! Anyway, he said that he didn't make any money off of "Independence Day" but he did run into the creators of the movie. He said that they were very excited to meet him and that they had been stealing his ideas for years! We exchanged a few e-mails after that but that was the best one. I am so excited about this new show!

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I wonder if the new V is going to be a cheezy as the new Knight Rider, or if they're going to go the "re-imagined" route that has been so successful for Battlestar Galactica.

Do you think they'll pick up twenty years after the original V or if it will start over from Day 1?

I remember that I used to pull the sides of my mouth back and stick my tongue in and out really fast, and say I was from V. I was a weird kid, what can I say.

Love the new blog template!