Halloween Treat  

I emailed a client at work today. After the business part of the email, I asked her if she was dressing up today. Here is the reply I got.

Well, we've lived here for seven years now and never had a kid come by
for treats! We live out in the country! I'm still in my nightgown
and bathrobe with a dog asleep in my lap, which is enough to scare the
hell out of anyone!

Two weeks ago, when it was still warm, I was out on the front porch in
my underpants and my husband's tee shirt (no bra) watering my flowers
when the UPS guy drove up. I went running into the house and sent my
husband out to get the package. He said the UPS guy never said a
word, but had a big grin on his face!

Life in the country!!

P.S. I hope no kids come, I ate all the candy!

I HAD to share!!!!

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