Bummer Free Zone is OVER  

It's time for some bitching! We live in a lovely apartment on the downtown mall. Life is great living there. There are lots of shops and places to eat and things to do. I watched parts of "A Bug's Life" out my window this year, listened to a Jazz band in my PJs, avoided many DUIs, and have loved it all. Now that the weather is turning colder, all that is changing.

I'M FREEZING! Our lovely old apartment was 55 degrees when I got home yesterday. I could stand by the closed window and have my hair blown back by the amount of wind coming through the cracks. The charming radiators were ice cold. I had to call the emergency number to get some heat and even with heat, it barely made it to 62 degrees. I did find out something interesting.

Before I tell you that,
I should start be letting you know that we had NO heat last winter except what could be made by space heaters and the oven. At the beginning of December, the furnace died in our building. We were first told that it would be fixed in two weeks. Those two-weeks came and went. In the end, the heat was fixed in late February but only somewhat. We still had to run the space heater. By then, we only had one space heater left because they came and took the one they gave us in December to use. anyway, it warmed up rather quickly so it wasn't too much of a pain. Now that it's getting cold again, I'm starting to get pissed again.

Now, about that interesting thing I found out. The
thermostat for the old furnace was on the second floor in the hallway. Not the greatest place considering the interior of the building is about 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the place. When they installed the new furnace, they moved the thermostat and you'll never guess to where. Inside one of the apartment on the second floor in their KITCHEN! Turns out that the lady that lives in that apartment was baking something yesterday and her kitchen was already 72 degrees so the heat didn't come on! Why am I surprised?

Our goal is to move to a bigger place on a second floor somewhere else downtown where WE control the heat. Living downtown is great but I'm going to turn into a
popsicle if we don't move soon!

On a "Bummer Free" note, I did find out that the handyman is an Obama guy!

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That sucks! Your apartment looks cute so I hope it gets worked out soon. You should at least get a reduced rate on your rent! I will probably be headed to Winc sometime over Thanksgiving. I always have to battle with MIL for our plans. Shag is playing at Sweet Carolines' the Fri after Tgiving so maybe we'll plan on making that. I'll keep you posted!