Bummer Free Zone  

I'm taking a cue from President Bush (aka Will Ferrell) and creating a "Bummer Free Zone" on this blog for this post (maybe longer). In keeping with the Bummer Free Theme, I'm posting some images that go to Carmi's theme of "Happy" this week. Instead of just posting pictures of smiling faces, I decided to post photos of things that make me happy.

First up is living downtown. I love living downtown. You see the strangest things sometimes.

You REALLY see strange things over Apple Blossom.

This picture of my husband was taken one Saturday morning when there was a wine festival downtown and a band was playing across from our apartment. My husband makes me happy and this is another reason why living downtown makes me happy.

Vegas makes me happy.

Nature makes me happy.

Being crafty makes me happy.

I guess that's enough for now.

Your turn...what makes you happy?

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I like where you've taken the theme here. You're right: it isn't just about smiling faces - though your previous entry was a delight, too! Happiness is as much a feeling as an aesthetic. You've given me much to chew on as I consider my next few entries.


I'm loving that bracelet.

I also love those great photo's. Got a kick out of the first one and the one of your husband having a drink by the window. That would be life! Isn't it noisey down town though? Or do you just get used to it.

I've got an 80's day Mr Linky set up if your interested in doing it.

vegas makes me happy, too....just think about seeing my son at christmas time. crafting makes me happy as well...i just started selling some things online. there's a tab at the top of my blog 'ciara's treasures and creations'.

hehe maybe louie IS scared and i fixed my comment problem...it says comments (0) but if you click comments it goes to the comments...w00t! LOL