Top Four Tonight - SYTYCD  

The top four dancer compete tonight for the title of "America's Favorite Dancer"!

Are you ready?

Computer - Check
Tivo Recording - Check
Tea - Check
Snack - Check (popcorn)
Phone line plugged in - Check
Dial Idol Started - Check

I'm ready!! Let's go!

All the dancers dance with all the other dancer tonight. I heard that the guys dance a Russian Street Dance. OH NO! I forgot the Vodka!

Cat is looking all Egyptian tonight.

I still think Mark should be on the show tonight.

The guest judge is Mandy Moore!!!

Up first are Courtney and Twitch dancing Hip Hop by NappyTabs to Church by T-Pain. I thought that was fun and well danced. I thought there was too much story in the beginning and not enough dancing but then they danced it up. I don't think the lift/spin with Courtney on his head looked all the great but I hadn't seen that before so that was good. I'm not jumping out of my seat or anything but it was okay. Mandy calls it awesome and says way to start it out. Mary calls it a knock out and screams. Nigel says he's going to miss everyone and everything except Mary's scream. Maybe I'm just missing Mark too much.

Cat is interviewing the contestants before their solos tonight. Filler, Filler, Filler. I am so tired of the solos. Great! They are interviewing the judges too. That's a first. I doubt the judges will say anything harsh to the contestants. Mary makes Courtney cry. Nigel wants her to teach.

To vote for Courtney call 1-866-83676-01

Katee and Joshua are doing Contemporary by Wade!!!!! The song is Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by John Mayer. That, of course, was the bomb!!! Wade rocks and so do Katee and Joshua. It was touching and I got misty. Many calls it beautiful and welcomes Wade back. Mary thinks it beautiful as well. Nigel calls it remarkable and give Wade a tongue bath. He goes on to call them brilliant and two of the best dancers on the show.

Katee and Courtney are doing a Tyce Broadway routine. The song is The Trolley Song by Rufus Wainwright. Maybe it's my dislike of Tyce but I REALLY didn't like that. He could have done something sexy but no! The costumes contain more fabric then their entire outfits from the entire season and they weren't even cute. The horrible outfits did allow me to concentrate on the dancing. I think they danced it well enough even though one of them was off towards the end. It was regular Tyce, manic dancing and running around the stage. But maybe it's just me. Mandy calls it cute and the outfits adorable. Okay Mandy. Mary thinks they pulled it off. Nigel pimps Katee some more. I would have preferred a Jazz-type routine to I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry. (If you haven't gotten her CD yet, you need too. It's fabulous!)

Twitch Filler. Twitch solo. Mandy calls him the little engine that could. Mary talks for awhile and then says she was speechless...I wish. Nigel likes his solos.
To vote for Twitch call 1-866-83676-02

Twitch and Joshua are doing Russian Something by Youri Nelzine. The song is Trepak which is Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Suite. Okay. That was OVER THE TOP goofy!!! I'm sorry but I just started laughing when they were skipping around the stage. That being said, I was definitely entertained. I do, however, think Joshua had AWESOME tricks and upstaged Twitch. I guess I'm wrong because all the judges were on their feet. Mandy calls it insane. Then the guys get into a jumping contest. Now I know why Joshua and Twitch were rushed to the hospital Monday after this routine. Mary gives it a standing scream. Nigel calls it memorable.

Katee filler. Katee solo. Mandy tells her to keep dancing and stay in ballet class. Mary says she has been tremendous. Nigel agrees with Mary and calls Katee brilliant.
To vote for Katee call 1-866-83676-03

Katee and Twitch are dancing the Foxtrot by Tony and Melanie. The song is Feeling Good by Michael Buble. That was nice. I wish it was Chelsie and Mark but that's my cross to bear. I think I'm going to have to put this below the Hip Hop and Russian Thing. I also thought Katee's dress was a little overbearing. Mandy calls it romantic and the lift was amazing. Mary thinks Twitch looks snappy and then she gets shrill and I tuned out. Nigel pimps Katee again. I thought they wanted either Joshua or Twitch to win?

Joshua Filler. Joshua solo. I think he blew Twitch out of the water again. Mandy thinks he's wonderful and, for the first time tonight, doesn't mention anything about taking addition dance classes. Mary says he deserves to be standing on that stage. Nigel makes a joke about stinky feet. He would HATE to smell mine!
To vote for Joshua call 1-866-83676-04

Did you catch that add for the new game show Hole in the Wall? In case you didn't, it's a show where people have to jump through a hole in a wall that is moving towards them. If they don't make it, they fall into a pool of what looks to be pee. I'm already laughing!

Joshua and Courtney are dancing the Jive by Jason Gilkison, G'day Mate! (I think they should have someone do the Hand Jive next year. Oh! And Dirty Dancing! That would rock.) The song is The Dirty Boogie by The Brian Setzer Orchestra. That was just plain mean to put that dance last. That was harder on Joshua then the Russian Thingy. I don't know about this one. I'm not sure where to place it. It was WAY hard but kinda sloppy. I think I'll have it tie with the Foxtrot. Mandy says Holy Moley! Mary babbles about how that was. Nigel gives that first bad review of the night.

All of them are dancing a Contemporary routine by Mia. The song is Hallelujah by The Vitamin String Quartet (maybe now I'll remember to look them up on iTunes). That was pretty good. I'll call it second best of the night. I would have liked more joy and less running around and tricks. I was feeling it but only at the very end. Mandy calls it magical and amazing. Mary is wearing on my nerves. Nigel takes a page from Mary's book and babbles on a bit too long for my taste.

Here are my power rankings:
Katee and Joshua - Contemporary

All Four - Contemporary
Courtney and Twitch - Hip Hop TIE Joshua and Twitch - Russian Thingy

Katee and Twitch - Foxtrot TIE Joshua and Courtney - Jive
Katee and Courtney - Broadway

What do you think?

*Be sure to watch the Paris Hilton video below!*

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I went out to dinner last night and since I'm Tivo-less, I'll have to catch up on YouTube at some point. But, without Mark, it just probably won't be as fun. Boooo. :)