America's Favorite Dancer  

The winner is...


As predicted!

More to come!

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I knew you'd be happy!

All the dances were good, but there were some particularly notable moments in the show. My good and bad....


*Mark's evil/cute face at the very end of "The Garden" dance, when he was lying on the floor.

*Cat. She's just a fantastic host.

*Mary and Nigel dancing. Not that they were particularly wonderful in either of their routines, but they at least proved that they can still dance. And I echo Debbie Allen's statement that everyone on the panel should be required to dance. Absolutely!

*Courtney's thank you/goodbye speech. She almost got me a bit choked up. ME!! She seems like such a sweet girl with a lot of class.

*The return of some of the old faves for the "Don't Stop the Music" routine.


*Where in the holy flying efffff was Pasha????

*The announcement that the big Adam Shankman movie project is Step Up 3-D. Woooo, a 3-D dance movie. Give me a break!!

Neither Good nor Bad:

*The Jonas Brothers. I've been hearing from people who are NOT teenagers that their new song is actually a really fantastic pop song. Well, I heard it last night and it was just like The Osmonds-meets-Maroon 5. It certainly wasn't offensive, but it was no Fountains of Wayne-style pop brilliance. And they look like such dorks. I can't believe they're heartthrobs. Especially the doofus with the bow tie.

Strangely Entertaining:

*That weird bunny dance.

My wife watches the show (which means I watch the show). Not that I have anything against it, it's just not my type of thing. But my guess was that twitch would win. I could definitely see how the top three became the top three. In fact, I could see a bright future for most if not all the top dancers.