So You Think You Can Dance - We're Getting Closer  

It's Wednesday again and time for the best summer show EVER...So You Think You Can Dance!

Before I start my blog I have to talk about something new happening over at MySpace. MySpace recently started adding applications. Which are basically games that you can play with your friends online. Well, a friend of mine sent me on invite for a game called Mobsters on Sunday. Now, I'm addicted! I have installed all games that are similar and I've been trolling MySpace for new "friends" to play with. In the past day or two, I have added 41 friends. I only had about twice that to begin with. If your on MySpace and want to play with me, click here and add me as a friend (put "Mobster" in the request field). I love it!

On with the show!

I don't think Cat looks preggers tonight, that's a good thing.

Toni is working the AARP Female Singer Circuit these days. She's working with Bette Midler and Tina Turner. Maybe I'll see her in Vegas when I'm there. I'm not going to Bette but I am going to Cher!! Eat your hearts out!

Since my blog has a new look, I'm going with a new format. I'm still going to have the same info just not so structured. That took a long time and the bold text became a pain in the ass.

First up tonight is Will and he picked Courtney. They are doing Hip Hop and Samba. The Samba is by Jean-Marc and has a ton of hip action. The song is I Fell In Love With The DJ by Che' Nelle (I think). Watch out! The lightening is going to strike me down when I say this. I actually liked it! I liked it a lot! I even liked Will. I don't think I'm going to vote for him but I didn't hate him. Maybe I just really, really like Courney and some of it rubbed off. Either way, it was good and fun and i liked it! Also, was that dance longer or was it just me? Nigel loved it. Mary makes some bad reference to "Punked" but she liked them and then proceeds to get to technical for the normal person. Toni liked it so much she didn't take notes!

All the dancers seem to be doing this number 4 gang sign thing tonight. I don't know what the hell is up with that. There is a lot of filler tonight...a lot!

Comfort is up with her solo but there is more filler before the dancing. since I want to get back to those damn MySpace games asap, I think I might fast forward through the rest of the pre-solo interviews.

Comfort is dancing to I Got This Down by Simian Mobile Disco. She skipped around a lot and pulled up her pants. She should have gone home last week.

Twitch got paired with Katee this week and they are doing Contemporary and Broadway. Hey! They knew each other before the show. Mia is doing the Contemporary. They are dancing to Mercy by Duffy. Twitch starts the thing with a cigarette in his mouth. Since I am an ex-smoker, I think that was a HORRIBLE thing for Mia to do. Smoking is a hard habit to break and we don't need people portraying it as something cool to do. I wonder how many kids are going to pick up a cig tomorrow just because Twitch had one in his mouth. OMG! Did you see that full frontal, open-mouthed kiss at the beginning? That was bold. I liked it and could see the story. I'm still very unhappy about the cigarette and that puts them below Will and Courtney so far. Nigel calls the performance outstanding! Mary does a horrible knock-knock joke this time. She calls it fun and she loved it. Toni calls Mia the reining Queen of Contemporary dance and says wow!

Will was inspired by the movie Dirty Dancing. Okay, I'm liking this guy this week. I could have done without the mini commercial for the Debbie Allen Dance Academy. I wonder how Cedric is doing there and if he ever went. Will is dancing to Get Up Offa That Thing by James Brown and even dressed up like James. I liked it. It was entertaining but Comfort seemed to have more time. Either that or she was so boring that it just seemed really long.

Mark is stuck with Comfort this week so I guess he will be going home tomorrow. Boo!! They go Foxtrot and Hip Hop. NappyTabs is doing the Hip Hop. They are dancing to Party People by Fergie. That was certainly better than the crappy two-step from last week. There was this awesome flip thing where Comfort did a somersault, Mark grabbed her legs and flip her complete over his head and down his back. Unfortunately, I don't think it's enough to keep them safe. The competition is tough now and good ain't god enough anymore. Nigel liked them both and also loved the flip thing. Mary says they did a great job and thinks Mark nailed it. Toni takes classes from NappyTabs! I forgot to say that Toni looks pretty good but all I can think of is "Oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey!" I wonder how much money she made off of that and if she is still getting money.

Katee is dancing to Taking Chances by Celine Dion. There are some bad storms in my area tonight and that was totally messed up because of it. I can't tell you how it was.

Joshua and Chelsie are together and dancing the Argentine Tango and Disco. Dmitry in doing the Tango!!! They are dancing to A Los Amigos from Forever Tango. Lots of props tonight. That was fun. I thought they did a really good job with it. Chelsie is awesome and I can't take my eyes off of her when she dances. I had to force myself to look at Joshua. Nigel found it enjoyable. Mary blabs too much for me. Toni is pulling out some new word tonight. She calls this Tango "Street" and says they did it well.

Mark is dancing his solo to Creator by Santogold. That was enjoyable. I like him because he's quirky!

Will and Courtney are doing Slow Hip Hop to Like You'll Never See Me Again by Alicia Keyes. I had high hopes for this dance. It had a great story but I don't think it delivered. Put it to you this way, I'm not crying and I should be. The very end had the most emotion for me when it was Courtney looking at the pictures but I think that was too little too late. Nigel felt the emotion. Mary is an ass. Toni took a page out of Mary's book and babbled on too much for me.

Chelsie had some Jon Bennet moments while she was growing up. She is dancing her solo to Damaged by Danity Kane. She rocks at ballroom. It's her birthday today!

Twitch and Katee are doing Broadway by Tyce. I expect a lot of Jazz Hands. The song is Sweet Georgia Brown from Bubbling Brown Sugar. That was pretty good but it was typical Tyce. I am so bored with his stuff. Nigel says that Twitch rises to every challenge and there isn't one routine that Katee has done that he hasn't loved. Mary calls it terrific. Toni thinks Twitch brings reality to the dance.

Joshua is dancing to Shawty Get Loose by Lil Mama. That was the best solo of the night. I think he could win it all. He has my votes!

Courtney is dancing to Where I Stood by Missy Higgins. She was the best girl of the night!

Twitch is dancing to Go To Work by Kay L. That was pretty good but I still like Joshua better.

Comfort and Mark got stuck with the Foxtrot. Comfort should do well with that...NOT! They are dancing to Lady Luck by The Brian Selzer Orchestra. I think Rami from Season 4 of Project Runway designed Comfort's outfit. It was a little drappy. Yeah, that wasn't very good for the final eight. Nigel says they lost the chemistry and didn't like it. Mary didn't like it either and slams them for their holds. Toni says the dance is hard and that their hip hop was fabulous.

Joshua and Chelsie are doing a Disco!!! I love Disco. The song is Everlasting Love by Gloria Estefan. That wasn't the best Disco I've seen but it made me smile! Nigel says the lifts were fantastic. Mary calls it amazing and says they were dancing full-tilt. Toni says they pulled together the spirit of Disco from the clubs.

Here's how I rank the dances:
Will and Courtney - Samba (Can you believe I have Will in number one place!!!)

Joshua and Chelsie - Tango
Joshua and Chelsie - Disco
Twitch and Katee - Contemporary (would have been much higher if it wasn't for the cig)
Will and Courtney - Slow Hip Hop
Mark and Comfort - Hip Hop
Mark and Comfort - Foxtrot

I'm putting my points on Mark and Comfort to go home.

Who are your picks?

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"She skipped around a lot and pulled up her pants." - Ha ha ha...that sums up Comfort perfectly!!

I didn't get to watch the show last night since I had some running around to do. Plus, I have a feeling that Mark is out this week, which kind of depresses me. :(

OOOoooo....I like the new blog look! I agree that Cat didn't look pregnant AT ALL in that black dress and Mark and Comfort are out. I was gonna ask you about that hand sign that they do all the time. What is that? It's getting on my nerves! I missed the entire first half of the show so I'll have to see if the good dances are up on youtube.