Shear Genius BS!  

Do any of you watch Shear Genius? I started watching it this season and I love it! That was until last night! If you watch the show and haven't seen it yet, you may want to run away fast because I'm about to bitch about it what happened last night.

Are you gone yet?


What were the judges thinking? They sent Glenn home over Nekisa!! I couldn't believe it. What the hell is wrong with these people?!?! Glenn actually won an elimination challange once. I think Nekisa has been in the bottom two for EVERY SINGLE CHALLANGE - short cut and elimination! She stands up there every week and manages to squeak by while other, more talented stylists are sent packing. I thought that last night was going to be it. That we were finally going to be rid of Nekisa but NOOOOO! They send Glenn packing. Do they not take into consideration the stylist's entire body of work? Are they just looking at what they did that day? How unfair is that?!?! You're great every other time but have one bad day and they drop you like yesterday's news.

Here's Glenn's hair

Here's Nekisa's:

They both look equally as crappy to me.

The same thing seemed to be happening on Project Runway last year with Elisa. She should have went home the first day! (See dress below) That big ball of fabric is the train that the model kept tripping over all down the runway. They kept her around WAY too long just like they are doing with Nekisa.

Here endth the rant!

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Everyone of these types of shows needs someone the views can hate. heck, many people only watch them to see them fail and get the boot. Do that too soon and you lose viewers. She'll go but not until enough good people leave that you have a vested interest in someone else that even when they boot her (or him) that you'll continue to watch the show.