20 down to 6 then 4 - SYTYCD top 6  

Good evening all and welcome to what I believe is the only one hour performance show of the season. I'm pretty sure all the others have been two hours. This show is going to be chock full of dancing! We have 3 couples doing two dances each plus 6 solos (yes, we have to see those again). Is everyone strapped in? Let's go!

Cat's dress reminds me of one of those metallic Christmas trees that were popular in the 70's. My family didn't own one but I knew a lot of families that did. I got my picture taken in front of one wearing culottes. Boy, was I cool! I had a Dorothy Hamill haircut too!

Boy! The stage looks pretty empty now that we're down to 6 from 20! Next week is the finale.

Adam Shankman is back as a guest judge tonight! Yeah!!

Courtney and Mark are paired up to do a Viennese Waltz to Time of My Life by David Cook! Love that song! That was FABULOUS! I have tears in my eyes! It looked completely effortless. It felt like they were a couple in love that was dancing together and not professionals in a competition. It was THAT good. Adam says this was a good one and it was beautiful (it was). Mary calls it effortless too and says Mark did it for her. Nigel called it romantic and plugged David Cook's song.

Solo: Chelsie is dancing her solo to When I Grow Up by the Pussycat Dolls. Are the Pussycat Dolls ever going to go away? Love her outfit. She seemed a little tired

Solo: Twitch is dancing his solo to Midas Touch by Midnight Star. He put in a gold grill and put on gold glasses during his solo. Cat put on the glasses after he was done AND the grill "spit and all"! She looked hysterical! Then everyone started doing that darn gang sign again. What the hell does that mean? Am I too old to understand?

Katee and Joshua are back together again and got stuck with Tyce AND Celine for Contemporary. Poor kids! They are dancing to All By Myself. That was pretty good despite the kick-ball-change-grapevine-Broadway dance moves. I'm sure that these two will be in the final four. Paula Abdul in the house!!! Adam points her out after praising Tyce. Adam pours it on a bit too thick. Mary calls it the most beautiful thing this season and puts them both in the final four. Nigel pimps the show some more before praising the dancers...finally.

Chelsie and Twitch are doing the Mambo to Ahore Me Toca A Mi by Victor Manuelle I think. That was not so good. That reminded me of Dancing with the Stars. Twitch was way out of his league and Chelsie was praying for him to catch up. She looked like she was gritting her teeth and not smiling. Adam says Chelsie was on fire but says Twitch was out of his element. Mary makes excuses for Twitch but calls Chelsie fabulous. Nigel says that Chelsie will always look good.

Solo: Katee is dancing her solo to Can't Stop by Maroon 5. Unless something strange happens, she'll be in the top four.
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Solo: Joshua is dancing his solo to Like That by Memphis Bleek. (I really need to call the cable comany...again.) BEST SOLO OF THE EVENING!

Courtney and Mark are doing Jazz to The Garden by Mirah. I think I'm going to call that tops of the night! It was raw and gritty and wonderful. Some of the looks on Mark's face were almost evil. It was awesome and the music was awesome. Adam calls it sick and says he loved it! Mary calls it crazy, raw, weird and she loved it! Nigel says it really suited Mark and that Courtney makes everything they throw at her work. He also calls this the tops of the evening.

Katee and Joshua are dancing the Paso Doble to Filet from Le Reve. It was really good! Much better then Kherrington and Twitch did earlier in the season. The music was really good and added at lot. Joshua is awesome. As much as I love Mark, I have to say that I think Joshua should win. He is totally a dancer to the core and back again. Adam loved it! Mary says they have true magic as a couple and then screams. Nigel thinks that Joshua is going to steal the show.

Solo: Courtney is dancing her solo to Rock Your Soul by Elisa. don't think she'll get enough votes but she is going to get mine anyway. She had the best solo of the night out of the girls.

Solo: Mark is dancing his solo to Bum Like You by Robyn. I know he is a lot younger then me but, I have to say, he made my night when he took his shirt off!

Chelsie and Twitch are dancing Hip Hop to Control by The Vitamin String Quartet. My first thought is who are the Vitamin String Quartet and do they do other songs? I'll be checking into that tomorrow. My second thought is that the dance had too much story and not enough dancing. Lyrical Hip Hop is nice for a change but when you get it every week it just gets old. Adam praises NappyTabs. I'm also getting tired of everyone praising the choreographer EVERY DAMN TIME. Mary says everything clicked. Nigel pimps the show then the choreographers.

It's all over for tonight but the voting.

Here are my ranking of the pairs:

Courtney and Mark - Jazz
Courtney and Mark - Waltz
Katee and Joshua - Paso Doble
Katee and Joshua - Contemporary
Chelsie and Twitch - Hip Hop
Chelsie and Twitch - Mambo

I am voting for all four of my faves: Joshua, Mark, Chelsie and Courtney.

Who are your top four?

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