Top 4 dancers revealed - holy buckets!  

Good evening all! Hubby is being kind enough to let me post LIVE. But I'm just doing highlights.

1. I LOVED the opening number by Mandy Moore. I couldn't take my eyes off of Mark and Chelsie.

2. The winner is going to be in an Adam Shankman movie! Cool!

3. Nigel is just a big softy.

4. I'm VERY tired of the solos.

5. Why did they have that little kid on? He was good but not that good. But Cat is adorable!

6. Katee is the first girl in the finale.

7. The first guy in the finale Joshua.

8. Exactly what the hell is Lady Gaga? Can anyone tell me? And why is she wearing Cher's outfit from the 80's?

9. The second girl in the finale is Courtney!!! WOW!!! I cried!

10. The second guy in the finale is Twitch!!!!!!!! SON OF A B*****!!!! WHAT A CROCK!!! Mark was 1,000 times better than Twitch. Wait a second. I sound like all those people who were mad when Will was sent home. I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles.

The events of tonight make things MUCH easier for me next week. I already know who I will be voting for...Joshua. No, I don't think I should wait until I see the show next week. It's America's Favorite Dancer and he's my favorite of the people left. It's simple.

Who's your favorite?

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Joshua is the hands down favorite to win this thing. And yes, I was one of those who were extremely annoyed when Will went home.

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And you're right, Billy Ray Montana couldn't say his own name without a cue card. I've seen more personality from a cigar store wooden Indian. Cat, on the other hand is one of the three best in the business. She engages the audience, relates to the contestants, and interacts with the "Jidges"!!! Thanks for stopping back by Brain

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I go on vacation and everything falls apart. Jeez.

I can't believe Chelsie isn't in the finals either. Bah.

I couldn't believe Mark got sent home either. And I am so sick of the American Idol songs that keep showing up! Twitch lost me when he got too full of himself with the self-promotion...those tshirts with the Superman "T" or the one with the big black glasses like he wears. Ugh. So out of the other 3, it'll be Joshua. Did you hear that he and Twitch both got sent to the hospital from exhaustion and dehydration???