It's time to celebrate a little bit. I Have a new look for my blog and I'm ALMOST happy with it. It took FOREVER! I may change it again. I may leave it. The only thing I know for sure is that I'm NOT doing anything else today! I'm pooped!

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looks good so far. Don't forget to test it in the various browsers (IE, FF, safari, etc.) Each one has it's little quirks that mess up site layouts just enough to annoy you.


hey i think that comfort needed to go home WEEKS ago -- hate her -- K'ton i like i was sad to see her go and Gev should not have gone home -- OH who the hell does the 2 step --i livd in TX and yes i did it but not on a dance show come on!!!! BUT WHY OH WHY do you hate Will? he is the most tech trained dancer and his body is insane... i'll take that up with you later! i like the new site and will chat soon! ly- m