How do you do this?  

I've been debating back and forth about how to answer comments left here. I don't have a set method but if it's a comment from another blogger, I go to their blog, read it, comment on it and then answer their comment from my blog. If it's someone I know that doesn't have a blog, I either email, or comment on mySpace or Facebook. Sometimes I think I should answer them in the comments so that other people will see that I do comment back. The only draw back to that is I don't know if the people that leave comments will come back to read the follow-up.

So, my fellow bloggers, what do you do?

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There are plugins for WordPress (runs my site) that will email the original commenter as well as add it to your comments. I don't use this but rather email the commenter AND manually respond within their comment (in bold) This is actually pretty common so visitors will understand when they see it.

I usually don't do it. And then people get mad.

But I've always thought of the blog post as my say and the comments are the readers' say. I'm nice enough most of the time to give them the last word. At least that's how I'm spinning it. :)

One other option, which I do sometimes, is I'll email the person back (if they type in their email address). I always get my comments via email, so this is pretty easy to do.