Apple Blossom Update  

Remember the mannequin story from this post? Well, I have an update. I was driving by the party house yesterday for the first time since Apple Blossom and I looked up in the attic window and guess what?!? THE LEGS ARE STILL IN THE WINDOW! I guess the owner thought it was funny too!

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i guess it gave the house a little character!! that was one of my fav post so thanks for the update! lets soon talk about how much i love choc chip cookies ... somebody stop me! i hate watching what i eat ... i just want to watch it go in and fill my big belly! I HATE DIETS and they make me cranky :-)!!!!!!!!!!! i been on one since i was like 5 .... YUCK!!! love you-m

Funny and yet disturbing all at the same time. It's just nit right to have male mannequin legs and tighty whiteys in a house!