AC Here we come!  

Last night Mike and I were busy getting ready to go to Atlantic City this weekend so I missed the results of SYTYCD. I know I've said this before but I love my TiVo. It is the greatest invention since...IDK...the earth! It saves me so much time and I'm no longer living by a schedule made by some corporate big wig in New York or California. We did some shopping and went out for dinner. It was a nice night. I drove so Mike drank a little more than he should have. He's going to have a BAD day today!

On to the show!

Cat's outfit would have looked good if it wasn't for that 3 inch ruffle threatening to swallow her whole! Who thought that was a good idea??

The opening number was to The Dance by Charlotte Martin and was VERY freaky-cool! Here it is!

It was a Mia Michaels routine.

The first couple in the bottom three is Thane and Chelsie T.

The second couple in the bottom three is Chris and Comfort. They are like Bo Duke and Lil Kim!

Hancock looks like my kind of movie!

The last couple in the bottom three is Kourtni and Matt! WTF?!?! They were awesome! Why aren't people voting for them? I don't get it. Nigel says that Kourtni is missing twinkle and Matt needs to act more. Nigel can kiss my ass. Will let Jessica hit the floor on the death drop and they missed at least one lift. They should have been in the bottom three.

Next up was, according to Cat, America's best dance crew. They were so NOT America's bet dance crew. Since there is a show on MTV Thursday night by that name, you really should watch it and learn what makes a dance crew before claiming that yours in the best one. There is a difference between a group number and a dance crew. This was a group number. It wasn't that bad but it wasn't that good either. BTW, most of the crews on Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew could beat these guys in a dance off any day. Just sayin'.

Solos are next.

Chelsie T. danced to A Song for You by Donny Hathaway. Excellent song! All she did was spin. I started getting dizzy.

Thane danced to Always by Bon Jovi. Now he Danced!

Comfort danced to Just Fine by Mary J. Blige. She was pretty good too. Much better than her solo last week.

Chris danced to After Tonight by Justin Nozuka. I'm sorry. I don't really have anything to say about that dance because I was too distracted by the shirt. I kept thinking he was going to break into a country line dance.

Kourtni danced to Fire Door (Live) by Ani DiFranco. The first 3 seconds were better than the previous dancers, girls or guys! She WILL NOT be going home tonight. Come on America!! How can you not vote for this girl she is awesome. Her lines and extensions are unbelievable! Please vote for her!!! Oh! And Matt too!

Matt danced to I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. What I said about Kourtni goes for Matt as well! Vote people!!!!!

Cat says it's going to be tough but I know Matt and Kourtni are save so they only have two girls and two guys to pick from in my book.

Jordin Sparks needs some dancers or something behind her on the stage. She also needs to find a new go-to date. Her brother is not cutting it. There has got to be some cute K-Fed type dude that would love to be her "male companion." BTW, she sounds good but not good enough to mae me stop typing. I remember that I didn't even vote in the finale for AI the year she won. I also remember why now. Despite that, I wish her all the luck in the world.

WOW! Nigel didn't waste any time! He called Cheslie out first and chopped her off at the knees. That was nasty Nigel!

Nigel called Matt out first, called him brilliant and told him to sit down. He sends Chris home. Thane and Comfort will be pairing up next week.

I think the right people went home. How about you?

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I'm so sad that I don't live in Jersey anymore, or I would have come down to see you guys there! I used to live in Brick, on the Jersey Shore, which is about 45 minutes north of AC. I still have friends down in Jersey, so let me know when you guys go again. Maybe we can meet up. :D

Cat looked like she was wearing a giant pot holder!!

I was happy that Chris went home, but I thought Comfort should've gone instead of Chelsea. Not based on their solos, because Comfort's was better, but I just don't see what's so great about her. Of course, I fully expected Jessica to be going home, but she wasn't even on the chopping block.

There are a lot of dorky guys this year, and no stand-out hotties like last year's Pascha, Neil and Kameron. Mark's kind of cute. I love Twitch though - he might be my favorite guy. He's got such a fun personality.