She Ain't Crazy, She's just Paula  

The Internets were all a buzz today with Paula gaff-heard-'round-the-world, or, as Jennifer called it "Paulagate 2008." (I like that one!) Was she reading from a script? Was she reading her notes from rehearsal? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? The world may never know.

Well, I think I let my Tivo run for long enough. Let's get this party started!

Ryan tells us that 45 million votes came in. We get Neil and Natasha tonight. Ryan has to introduce the judges...again!

The group sing starts out with Cracklin' Rose. David Cook sounds the best during that part. Song Sung Blues is next and is horrible! Finally!!! Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show! Boy that sounds pretty bad too (except David Cook). Can none of these kids sing harmony?

Gina and Constantine are pimping their new show. That was way too long!

Ryan says that the rumors about Paula are not true, she's part of the family, and they love her.
[sarcasm] Well! That explains it all and clears up everything. I'm so glad Ryan took the time to let us know that.[/sarcasm]

Eliminations Round One:
Jason - (since he was the one that got screwed last night,I guess it's fair that he goes first) OMG! He's safe! My power voting worked!!!!
David A - Wouldn't it be funny if he was in the bottom! Why is Ryan asking Paula to speak? Shouldn't she be quiet tonight? That would have been a good idea. Darn! He's safe.

Next week is "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" Week. Well, la dee frickin da! At least the song list is going to be good...I hope.

Side Note: If Syesha goes tonight I'm going to be pissed! I've had all of my points on her to get the boot so many times I've lost count. Of course, I don't have any on her tonight! Dag Nab It!

Ryan is pimping So You Think You Can Dance!! Please watch this show! It's awesome!!! Sex is trying out again! I hope he brought his mom! I missed me some Cat and Mary! Nigel is not very mean. Simon is WAY meaner!

New Coke Cup design. Yea!

Eliminations Round Two:
David Cook - is safe, of course
That means Syesha and Brooke are the bottom. We still have 30+ minutes left in the show so the girls will have to stew in their own juices for awhile. This show gets meaner every year.

Natasha Bennifield (?) is really good! I'll be getting this song tomorrow. (Pocket Full of Sunshine.) Well, now, maybe not. David A. is her favorite. Yuck!

Holy Crap! Phone Calls. I'm not watching this.

Ford Commercial. Oh, good! I was wondering when they were going to do a 'green' commercial. Darn, I forgot to turn on my sarcasm. I think you got it any way.

Neil sings Pretty Amazing Grace. It's better than Dolly's song. Neil's mom is still alive and in the audience. Now THAT'S pretty amazing!

Brooke is going home! I got a few points. Hey! I won't have to hear her babble on during judging any more! Good luck Brooke. I'm sure you'll sell more than 300 albums. She is crying A LOT!! She also goofs the lyrics one more time.

What are your thoughts?

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Neil sings Pretty Amazing Grace. It's better than Dolly's song.

That's the first thought that popped into my head too!

What a sad night. Last season had so many great contestants, and this year we're down to the Top 4 and there's no one left that I really like. I just hope Brooke gets her rest, since her nerves are obviously shot after this whole experience.

It was time for Brook to go..although I did think maybe they would let Jason go so they would have 2 girls and 2 boys. I love Brooke but she was about to have a nervous breakdown..she really started getting nervous in the last 3 or 4 shows.
Did you see that article in Yahoo where Carly Simon talked about how great Brooke was? I would see Brooke if she came to a small venue near me.. She could sit behind the piano and I could sip a martini..THAT is how I want to see Brooke..
Next week I think song selection will be a HUGE thing since they will more than likely have alot to choose from. GOD I wish they would get rid of David A before the final 2..I guess that could happen..we'll see where Brooke's votes go.

Hey Kristi!

It's easier for me to send you messages on Facebook, but I just sent Dave a comment and figured I would paste it over here too. It's something that's been frustrating me since Brooke's elimination....

They never said that Syesha was in the bottom 2. Of course, it is assumed that the last two standing at the end are the bottom two, but I wonder if they just put Syesha there with Brooke because she was a better moral support for her. Jason might have been in the bottom 2, but since he was safe being the second to last, they just said he was safe. That's just something that I think the producers of AI would do. I could be wrong, but come on, this show is getting more weird as each week goes by.

What do you think?

Sunshine, I think you may be on to something! According to Dial Idol, Syesha was on the top of the heap (although I have NO idea who is voting for her) and I thought it was strange that she was in the bottom two. But, you're right, Ryan never called them the bottom two. If the producers did that to help Brooke, I guess they aren't as bad as I thought they were!