"OMG! I thought you sang twice!"  

Tonight Idol plays host to the songs of the one and only Neil Diamond. According to the spoilers, no one is singing Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show! What were they thinking? They better do it for the group sing tomorrow.

The Idols are singing two songs each so it's going to be a fast paced show considering the filler this show has.

Ryan starts the show by alluding to Brooke's goof from last week. He also says the show is going to be tight but still induces the judges that everyone already knows. If you don't know them, you must be The Unabomber.

I fast forwarded through some of Neil's video package. I stopped just in time to hear Brooke talk. Doesn't she ever shut up? Someone must have told her to put a sock in it by now. Anyway, Neil tells the kids not to be nervous but to enjoy singing the songs.

There's a little wrinkle in the show tonight. We will only hear from the judges after the second song. Interesting.

Jason (5701 and 5706) is up first. The producers REALLY want him gone so everyone better vote for him! He always makes me smile and gives me good quotes for this blog. He is singing Forever in Blue Jeans. I love him. I love his voice. I love his eyes. I love the crooked little smile he does when he's singing. I loved this performance! Hate me if you want but he's a cutie pie and I'm voting for him. So there!

David C. (5702 and 5707) is getting chair time AGAIN. The producers are really pushing him for the finale. If I didn't like him so much, I'd be pissed. As it is, it was really funny and not so much chair time for David as it was "funny story about Ryan" time. He is singing I'm Alive. It started out kind of rough but then he worked it out and did a great job. It was a little sad too because of the "AC" on his jacket and on his guitar. I felt it.

I'm glad that this night started out good because I didn't get any new music from last week's show. This week, I already want two! I'm thinking the grand total downloads is going to be 4 but we'll just have to wait and see.

Random thought: as the number of contestants decline so do the number of funny comments in my blog. Bummer.

Brooke "I can't shut up if my life depended on it" White (5703 and 5708) is playing two instruments tonight. Can I just say, I'm not looking forward to either one. I think I may want her to go home more than Syesha now. I didn't think that was possible. I've been wishing elimination on Syesha for so long now that I wasn't sure I could wish that on anyone else. Well, one of them needs to go home tomorrow. Followed by the other one next week to give us an all guy final three!! Back to the show. She is singing I'm a Believer. Holy crap! That sucked. She should have pulled out the country shtick during Dolly week. Why the hell was Paula dancing? It was also a horrible way to end the song. It just stopped. Worse performance so far. And why the hell does she look so happy? Maybe she's just glad she didn't have to start over this week.

David A. (5704 and 5709) starts the video package by asking Neil for his input. You don't have to ask him for his input because that's what he's there for, you dumb butt! I don't get the David A. love and I never will. With the first sound out of his mouth, he annoys me. Anyway, he's singing Sweet Caroline. That was weird. Didn't like it.

Syesha (5705 and 5710) gets the pimp spot. I guess she won't be going home tomorrow. She starts her video package by pissing my off. She said "Basically, this week it's just going to be a mini concert." Well duh! Isn't that what you all do every week! She's singing Hello Again. Kill that damn mosh pit or at least make them keep their hands down when someone is sitting on the edge of the stage. Basically, she is always going to sing whatever song she picks in the style of Whitney Houston. OH! I really didn't care for the hair. I like it all poofy and sparkly or like a Simpson's character (one of Marge's sisters).

Ryan throws us another curve ball and get all the kids on stage for a group critic. Randy is up first. He thought Jason was better than last week but still just okay this week. David C. gets an in the zone. Brooke get the Karaoke comment. David A. is the bomb. Syesha was strong. Paula complains about writing notes down fast. Jason: loved his lower register (me too). Paula didn't get the note about this being just a critic on the first song. She's already talking about Jason's second song which he hasn't sang yet. That will be all the talk tomorrow. "She planted the seed that his second song wasn't going to be good." I can hear it now. Randy jumps in to try and save the show and Paula says "OMG! I thought you sang twice." She really needs her meds adjusted. Simon also tries to jump in and save Paula but then gives up. Simon calls Jason forgettable; David C., just above average; Brooke, a nightmare; David A., amateurish; Syesha, old fashioned. I agree with Simon on everything except Jason.

MAN! I forgot to post this during the show! Here's the first post!

Jason is singing September Morn. You would think that after Paula's comments, he would have come out and put everything he had into it. But he didn't do that. He looked defeated and almost mad that he had to sing again. I actually thinking that he might WANT to go home. I may not be voting for him after all. I'll think about it. Randy calls it okay. Paula calls it safe and tells him to fight. Simon calls him forgettable again.

David C. is singing All I Ever Really Need is You. I liked this better than the first song but it's not my favorite of his. Randy calls it blazing. Paula says he pulled it off and that she feels that she's already looking at the American Idol. Simon says first song okay, second song brilliant.

Brooke is getting chair time. Great, just what I wanted, to hear MORE of her talking! What a dumb ass! She is having trouble with some of the lyrics so she wrote them on her hand. SHE'S PLAYING THE PIANO!! How in the hell is she going to be able to look at her hand? Huh? She should go home tomorrow just because of that. She's singing I Am...I Said. She took Neil's advice to change New York to Arizona but didn't change the "caught between two shores" part. She should have left it alone. I hope she goes home. Better than her first song but, then again, what wouldn't? Randy give her a nice job. Paula babbles about Idol Gives Back and then says this performance worked. Simon says again how he really hated the fist song but this one was the "Brooke we like." Speak for yourself buddy!

David A. is singing America. (I'm expecting Up With People.) Just when he drops one bad habit, he picks up another. He was holding his right hand out during both performances like he was holding a tray. Anyway, I didn't like this one either. I thought it was a bad song choice and a bad arrangement. He doesn't need to pander for votes...yet. Randy licks his ass. Paula calls it a perfect song. Simon calls it a smart choice in songs and it was very good. I call it same shit different day.

Syesha is closing the show with Thank The Lord For The Night Time. She wasn't wearing any shoes so I was expecting something with more energy. Randy says she was in the zone. Paula babbles about sides and I'm bored. Simon calls her a very good actress/singer and says she might be in trouble.

Thank goodness that's over with! Over all, it was not my favorite night. David Cook was the best. It's a toss up for last place between Brooke and Jason. If Jason hadn't given up on his last song, Brooke would be on the bottom all by herself. Unlike Simon, I think Syesha will be safe...again. David A. will be safe as always along with David Cook. So the bottom 2 will be Brooke and Jason. I think it will be Jason going home despite my power voting for him.

What do you think?

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Honestly, I think Dredlock Boy has begun to 'mail it in'. He looks disinterested in the whole thing. I think he gets the cab ride to LAX tomorrow night.

Oh, Paula. She made the night. I can't wait to hear all the damage control B.S. trying to convince everyone that she just got "confused."

I think I must be the only person on the face of the planet who actually liked Brooke's "I'm a Believer". Seriously.

I liked both of David C's..Forever In Blue Jeans and I Am I Said..

Honestly I just want David A to go home... I can't believe he f'ed up Sweet Caroline..that is one of my fav's!!! Don't take liberty with the melody..and yeah..the Up With People is really old.

Poor Jason does seem to want to end this..and prepare for the tour

What is next week?