It's Like a Hard Candy Christmas...for someone!  

Greetings and welcome to the seventh edition of "Who wants to be a number 9?" In the first corner we have Syesha who has large boobs and wants to be like Whitney. In the second corner we have Pots and Pans who is tiny and always looks like she's going to the mall. In the third corner is Carly, the girl who would be famous (at least that was the goal in 2000). Who will survive and who will throw in the towel? Only time...and Ryan Seacrest will tell because this is elimination night!

Will I be right? Who knows? I just want to get through everything without catching up to real time. If that happens, I may have to listen to the "Stupid Human Phone Calls" (thanks, DrillerAA)! I now have 19 minutes on my Tivo. Will that be enough? Only one way to find out! Let's go!

For those of you on the west coast (or getting the west coast feed) you may want to stop reading now if you want to be surprised later.

I'm getting tired of these hour long results shows. OH! Group Sing!

OMG! That was THE best ever! Did you see those cheesy dance moves? Everyone was in on it! As soon as it is posted on YouTube, I'm posting it here so everyone can enjoy! Michael gets bonus points for his t-shirt but he looses some points for not knowing the words to this American Classic! I don't care if he is Australian, he's been here long enough to know that song. I think the kids are really getting into these group sings now. They are fully embracing the cheesy and making the most of it. You have got to love it...or at least laugh at it!

Chikezie in the house!

First round:
Michael Johns - Safe
David A. - Safe
Carly - bottom three?? ... Nope, she's safe

Crap! The phone calls. Fast Forward.

The Clarke Brothers are a little strange. Sorry, fast forward.

The crappy Ford video is to a cover of Tricky which is much better when sung by Run DMC. I love Run DMC and Jam Master Jay. They were the first rap group I had ever heard of. It's a shame they didn't use the original version of that song. Oh well!

Second round:
David C. - he BETTER be safe...and he is!
Pots and Pans - stools of death
Kristy Lee Cook - Safe...nope, stools of death

So far I have one right and one wrong.

Last round:
Syesha - SHIT...she's safe
Brooke -
stools of death
Jason - safe

I didn't see that coming but someone did. I'll let you know who that was once I figure it out.

I'm always surprised at how tiny Ramiele is!

Dolly should have done an old song. It wasn't a bad song but I would have preferred something classic. Kenny Rogers coming out to do Islands in the Stream would have been great! She is really cute and the after song stuff was funny and made me smile.

Brooke is sent back to safety and Ramiele is going home. Well, I didn't do what I said I was going to do. I didn't put all my points on Syesha, I split them between her and Ramiele so I ended up getting some points.

This is okay with me. Ramiele was fast becoming dead wood. Next week is Idol Give Back and if they do what they did last year, no one will go home so we are stuck with Kristy Lee Cook for two weeks! YUCK!

Does anyone know what the theme is next week?

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Oh, Michael knows that song. Dolly and Kenny were his first concert ever! He's a fan. I have an explanation for his flubbing of the words. Of course I do.

There will be an elimination for "Idol Gives Back" this year. The plan is that they'll do performances on Tuesday, IGB on Wednesday, and results on Thursday. There's still hope that we could say goodbye to Syesha or Kristy next week.