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It's Dolly-idol! I was trying to come up with something that was similar to Dollywood but I couldn't quite make it. Anywho! I'm waiting for my pizza. For some reason, he didn't realize that people live on the downtown mall. I have to eat before I start Idol.


Ryan starts the show with a LAME April Fools joke. Har-Har Ryan. Roll credits. Welcome chat. Judges Intro. Dolly tape!! She's great!

Brooke (5701) is singing Jolene. Love the song...when Dolly sings it. Brooke? Not so much. She has a few people on stage with her which is good because she's just sitting there. It's nice to have more to look at then just her. She sped up the tempo a little which made it seem like she was out of breathe trying to get all the words in and she messed up some words but recovered. She was boring but I think I always think she's boring so what do I know?!? OH! AND she smiled at one point during the song. This is not a happy song! Randy doesn't think it was stellar but it was alright. Paula blabs on and tells her that she is Brooke White. Duh! Simon didn't like it. I don't like it when she talks to the judges.

David Cook (5702) get some special chair time to combat the arrangement "stealing" issue. This week he is doing his own arrangement of Little Sparrow. I don't think I've heard this one. Dolly says this is one of her favorite songs. I have to say that David did it again. I would buy that song...and I will...on Thursday. He misses some of the notes but I think it comes off as emotion. I can't imagine that the judges will have much bad to say about it. And he looks hawt tonight! Randy says he has range and it was hot. Paula likes his hair cut and thinks he's fantastic. Simon says it wasn't as good as last week but it was good.

Pot and Pans (5703) is singing Do I Ever Cross Your Mind. Dolly sees her and says "Finally, someone my size!" One more reason to love Dolly! Dolly also says that the fact that she's (Ramiele) little ain't gonna stop her from doing big things. Ramiele is in trouble tonight. She may have run out of time on the show. The big stage is too much for her and she always seems scared. Randy says he wasn't mad at her and gives it a 6 1/2 out of ten. Paula says she connected with the audience. Simon calls it "cruise ship" and says it's not memorable. Definitely bottom three.

That new Mac/PC commercial is funny! I'll post a link later. LINK

Jason (5704) get chair time too! Some girl in Colorado just fainted! He is singing Travelin' Thru which is an excellent song! I think iTunes gave it away a year or two ago. Dolly touched his hair. YUCK! I thought he did a fine job. Not as good as Dolly but the song fit him nicely. In case some of you don't know, it's the song from Transamerica. I liked the middle/ending better than the beginning. Randy says it started rough but liked it towards the middle. Paula calls it one of his strongest and says it was great. Simon didn't like it at all. Maybe it struck a little too close to home?

Carly (5705) is singing Here You Come Again. Dolly thought Carly "Killed it." If there was anybody in the audience that didn't like Dolly before or didn't know her, they love her now! Well, I haven't heard the Dolly version of this song in awhile but I'm pretty sure it was faster and peppier. Is that it? I'm not sure but Carly was boring. I think she could have rock it but went slower instead. Randy calls it one of the better performances of the night. Paula says "Oh My God!" Simon thought it was good but not great. He also wants her to have a discussion with the person who is dressing her because she's not looking like a star. I'm thinking sleeves would be nice change.

OH! Have you heard the new Kid Rock song Amen? It's awesome! Wouldn't it be great to have Kid Rock on Idol. David A. singing I Wanna Be A Cowboy would be awesome!

David A. (5706) is singing Smoky Mountain Memories. Another great Dolly quote, "It's all I can do to keep these false eyelashes in place." I think it all boils down to this, David doesn't sings the songs in a way I like to hear them. In my opinion, he is too young to really connect to the emotions in the lyrics so it comes off feeling fake to me. That's just my opinion and I know I'm in the minority. Randy calls it the best performance of the night. Paula says he has a beautiful aura. Simon calls it On. The. Money. Whatev!

Kristy Lee Cook (5707) is singing Coat of Many Colors. Will she make it again this week? I think Dolly was right. Kristy's mama is going to be so proud...and that's about it. I'm not sure if the band overpowered her of if the notes were too low but it didn't do it for me. Randy says it was in her wheelhouse. Paula calls it her best performance. Simon says last week was her best and this was forgettable. Right before the commercial, Kristy does this creepy "Simon, I love you." and then blows him a kiss. That was creepy and just plain odd.

Baby Mama looks like it will have a few laughs!

Vanna White is in the house!

Syesha (5708) is singing I Will Always Love you ala Whitney Houston. If you didn't know she was going to sing this over done song, you need to put the bottle down...Paula! Okay! That's all I can stand. The vibrato is over done and this is not a mix of Dolly and Whitney, it's all Whitney. She needs to read Dave's rules. She also needs to hit the notes. That big glory note at the end was painful. Randy says she was alright. Paula says something about a velvety tone and love it. Simon says it paled to the Whitney version and it did.

BeckEye's boy (5709) gets the pimp spot and is singing It's All Wrong, But It's All Right. Dolly thinks she could write some good songs for him so she's hoping that he'll become a star. Oh, what the hell is up with the neckerchief! I bet BeckEye is loving this!! I thought he did a really good job and I'm interested in what the full length version is going to sound like. I just may have to buy it. Watch out! I think lightening is going to strike this blog at any minute! Randy calls it blazing hot. Paula wants to say once thing but ends up saying about ten things. Simon thinks that this is best Simon has heard him sing and I have to agree.

Bottom three: Carly, Pots and Pans, Syesha. Who is going to go? I'm not sure. I'd like to say Pots and Pans but I still think she has the votes to keep her on. Chikezie's votes might have gone to Syesha because she's black but they may have gone to David Cook because he like to change things up like Chikezie tried to do. I'm going to go out on a limb and put all of my points on Syesha to go home.

What do you think?

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I am still having palpitations from that last performance. Humina humina humina.

I think Pots and Pans is gone. That was a mess tonight.

I hope you're right about Syesha going home, but I think this may be the week Ramiele leaves us.