Working 9 to 5 - Group Sing  

After watching this group sing again, I thought that it deserved it's own post. The dance moves are awesome! Pay special attention to the moves that Jason busts out after his solo part! Effing priceless!

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Oh my God, are you kidding? Once was enough for you, eh?

My eyes!! My eyes!!!

The part where I just wanted to swoop in there and scoop Michael up and take him away to a normal place was when they did the "That man is out to get me" line and were all supposed to run crazily to the center of the stage. He just kind of threw up his arms and trotted in there. You just know he was thinking, "Lord, please just strike me down now."

And okay, I guess I kind of always want to swoop in and carry Michael off to my jungle lair.

That first line should say "wasn't enough." See, you have me so flustered that I can't type. :)