Rebecca and Jesse have a fire up their butts  

Tonight is another episode of Your Mama Don't dance so I thought I'd better see last weeks show before then. If this episode is like the others, we should find out which son and mom team is going home from the last show. I was rooting for Rebecca. Let's see if she made it.

I just thought of something. Here's the pattern so far. Dads and daughters, a week passes, we find out which dad and daughter go home then Sons and Moms on the same show, a week passes, we find out which son and mom go home then everyone dances? Does that mean that the son and mom that go home had to learn another routine that they will never perform? I guess we'll see.

Tivo time must be different then Lifetime time because it's already started. I think I heard Disco! Yep! At least the girls and their dads are doing disco, not sure if the guy and their moms will be doing Disco tonight too or what.

Well, I should have just waited a few minutes. Ian has explained it all! Just the girls and their dads will be dancing Disco tonight. Next week (tonight actually) the guys and their moms will be dancing. After that, the six remaining pairs will dance each week until someone wins. I got it now!

The son and mom pair going home is Jeremy and Doris. That means Jesse and Rebecca will be staying! Yeah!!! It's sad to see people go. All of the pairs are winners! Great! Now I sound like Ben Vereen!

Group dance!!!!! Yeah! Rodilyn told me they were doing this but I'm still very excited and happy. I love dancing! And! It looks like a Disco number! They are awesome but I hope it's longer next time. I'm not sure but I think that was barely a minute.

Nicole and Michael are up first. They look fierce in matching PINK outfits! During the rehearsal footage, there is a spot where Michael reminds me of my grandpa dancing. The only thing missing was the Mike Brady Perm! They are dancing to "I Will Survive". Love that song! They were awesome yet again. I was completely entertained. He danced like my grandpa again! Let's see what the judges say. Do you think they will start with that stupidly named Vitamin C?

Side bar: I just went to Wikipedia and found out a little about Vitamin C. She is a month older than I am, she got married the same year that I did, and her real name is Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick. I think I'll start calling her CA.

Back to the show. Tonight Ian starts with Chris. He likes the lifts but doesn't want Michael to force the smile. He gives them an 86. CA is next and loved the death spin and gives them an 81. Ben says he recognized Michael. He gives them a 79.

We get back from the commercials and Ian is all decked out in a Travolta Disco Suit and looks mighty fine! He even dances a little.

The next pair up is Brooke and Eric. They did a good job last time. Let's hope they do well again. They are also wearing awesome outfits. The song they are dancing to is "Heart of Glass". Love this one too! They were pretty good but they don't make me smile as much as Nicole and Michael. Chris gives them an 85. CA is next and gives them a 75. Ben gives them a 78.

Heather and Stephen are the next pair. Stephen is wearing an Elvis scarf. Stephen has some grandpa moves too! They are dancing to "Boogie, Oogie, Oogie". My uncle Jim's nickname is Oogie, but I'm not sure if that's how you spell it. Anyway, back to the dancing. Okay, I like these two despite the depressed, divorced dad thing. I thought he loosened up a little and looked like he was having a good time. He seemed to miss a few steps but didn't let it get him down. Chris gives them a 76. CA is next and gives them a 71. Ben gives them a 79.

I just remembered that, during the first show blog, I gave them scores too under the name Formula 410! Oh well! I'll think about it. I bring it back for the next show.

Ian asks the sons (and moms) what they think. Dante says he's scared and Jonathan give me the title for this blog! "...Rebecca and Jesse have a fire up their butts." LOL

Hi Rodilyn! You look pretty in your feather boa!

Noelle and Doug are the last pair. They are one of my favorite as well. It's really hard to not have every pair be my favorite. Noelle can call her dad her friend and she tears up and so do I! They are having awesome music tonight. This time they are dancing to "Ring My Bell"! They did an excellent job. I think they were the best of the night with Nicole and Michael running a close second. Doug seemed to be pretty lose and having a good time. Chris gives them an 88 (highest from him tonight). CA is next and gives them an 82 (her highest as well). Ben gives them an 81 (his highest as well). Like I said, best of the night!

The pairs up for elimination are Brooke and Eric and Heather and Stephen (again). I think Heather and Stephen may be going home this time. But who knows. Stephen and Heather made me smile more than Brooke and Eric. I am behind so I don't get to vote.

The show ends with an awesome group hustle!

Who are your favorites?

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Hi! Thank you for the compliment! ;) I was trying hide my chubby arms.. lol I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm not sure if the 60's number the dancers performed the other night was longer than the disco number- maybe it was just a little... Jon and I are in the bottom two :( It's ok. I'm just a little bummed about the way the scores came out. Sometimes it seems inconsistent first technique is important-then it's not, then it is again. It's hard to get all three judges to like you when they 3 are looking for different things from you. We are working on getting all three to be happy with the performance. If we get that chance this week, we have a strong number that we have been working on that will make the judges happy- I think!

Hi Rodilyn!

I'm a little less than half way through your episode when I saw that you posted here. I'm sorry to hear you're in the bottom two! I just went to Lifetime a voted a bunch of time. I'll have my post up tonight and ask everyone to vote for you too.

I'm with you, I have no idea what the judges want. Chris and CA are pretty even with their scoring but Ben is a wild card. I NEVER know what in the hell he's going to do! He seems to be the person that can put you at the bottom of the heap or at the top.

Good luck! I'll have my fingers crossed for you and Jonathan!


Thanks for the support! I guess I'll have to start reading your AI blog as I love that show as well. We hope we stay on! Our routine is HOT! You just never know... I mean, who would have thought we would be in the bottom two? Anything is possible... :(