Your Mama Don't Dance  

Oh my Lord! Have you seen this new show?!?! It's called "Your Mama Don't Dance" and it premiered on Friday. Can I just say this has got to be the cheesiest idea for a show I have ever heard of! Here's how the show goes. 10 professional dancers (5 guys and 5 girls) are competing in a dance competition with their parents as their partners! The 5 guys are dancing with their moms and the girls are dancing with their dads. They are competing for "$100,000 in cash and prizes."

The host for this craptastic show is Ian Ziering from "Beverly Hills 90210" and, most recently, "Dancing With the Stars." First off, he's a HORRIBLE host. Zero personality but he still is nice to look at. This week the girls will be dancing with their dads and next week it's the guys turn to dance with their moms. Oh! Before I get to far ahead of myself, this show is on Lifetime which means get those tissues ready, it's going to be a tear jerker!!

The first "couple" is Noelle and Doug. Noelle has a REALLY fat cat. Since it's Lifetime, they are REALLY squeezing the back story for extra tears. Four minutes into the show, Noelle is crying. During the audition stage, Ian asks Noelle who her least favorite dance partner would be. Her answer: George Bush! Good girl! That's when they reveal her dad. More tears. They FINALLY come out on stage dressed to dance! But wait! We have to see the practice tape! I'm liking Doug! He seems to be trying his hardest.

Oh! One more thing, the theme for this week is contemporary. For those of you who don't know, I'm a HUGE fan of "So You Think You Can Dance" (SYTYCD) which is an awesome show. It's on during the summer and starts shortly after "American Idol." I suggest marking your calendars and taking the time to watch it. The kids are awesome and some of the routines they do are outstanding and will stay with you for years! Think I'm kidding? Watch this!

Awesome!!! BTW, here's a Contemporary routine.

Anyway, as I said earlier the theme this week is contemporary. Because of SYTYCD, I have a pretty good idea of what a contemporary routine is. What Doug and Noelle are doing is NOT a contemporary dance. They are dancing to "Toxic" by Britney Spears in a style best described as free-form ballroom in my book. They aren't too bad considering. They also manage to avoid making the dance sexy in anyway, thank goodness! I think that might become an issue at some point during this show. We'll have to wait and see.

Now Ian is explaining to us in some detail how the points system works but it's really just a number that the judges pull out of their asses. Oh yes, Virginia, there is a panel of judges. Starting with Ben Vereen best known for multiple appearance on "The Love Boat." The next judges is some chick that looks around my age (maybe older) that is calling herself Vitamin C. What the hell kind of name is that?! I think I'll change my name to Formula 409 (because the world isn't ready for Formula 410)! The last judge is Chris Judd. I'm not sure what this guy has done or why he seems familiar to me. Was he married to JLo for 1o seconds? Was he on "The Surreal Life"? Someone please tell me who the hell he is! (I'm not concerned enough to look it up myself.)

The judging of our first couple begins. Ben tells the "couple" they have already won and gives them 90 out of 100. This is the first show. At this rate, everyone will be getting 100s in three shows. Vitamin C give them a 76 (a little more realistic). Chris Judd gives them an 88. Formula 409 gives them a 70 (I want them to EARN the 100 points).

Brooke and her step-dad Eric are next. Their back story doesn't really interest me all that much. It's not that it's not interesting it's just that I'm already tired of this part of the show. Basically, he's her step dad that she never appreciated but who was always there for her. One thing, Brooke's reaction to finding out she's dancing with her dad is awesome! Here's the video. It's really long. Wait for it to load and then start at about 1:42 into the clip.

Too funny! Let me just say that Eric's got some moves! They were WAY better then the first "couple". How are you going to score that Ben Vereen?!?!? The routine did border on the sexy side but the big cheesy grins helped to stop that. Ben gives them a 80 and tells them THEY already won. What the hell? He tells them that he gave them an 80 because they can do better. Did you just insult Doug? Anyway Vitamin D tells them a lot of meaningless crap so she can hear her own voice and gives them a 82. Chris gives them a 91. Last, but not least, Formula 409 give them an 85! Keep dancing Eric!

Heather and her dad Stephen are the third ones to dance. In their video package, Heather is seen with her mom stretching and all I can say is OUCH! I don't think the human body was meant to bend that far. Turns out that Heather's parents are recently separated and her dad is really depressed and making Heather feel like it's her responsibility to keep him from killing himself. Nice.

Heather and Stephen come out to dance in their outfits and he reminds me of Robin Williams in "The Bird Cage" because of the open sequined shirt over the black tee shirt. Maybe I discovered why Heather's mom wanted out. I find myself really routing for this guy despite the divorce issues. I thinks it's because I can already see him failing in my mind so that makes him the underdog. Go Stephen!

Oh my Lord! I don't think I can watch! Stephen is basically just standing there while his daughter dances around him. When he does a move, it's so stiff it looks like it hurts. Let me know when it's over!!! Ben gives them a 70 and tells them THEY already won. He tells them that he gave them a 70 because they can do better. Did you just insult Eric? I don't think I'm liking Ben's judging. Vitamin B12 likes to listen to the sound of her own voice and gives them a 77. Chris gives them a 74. I, Formula 409, give them a 60 (sorry). I guess I'm just really mean.

Celia and Silvano are "couple" number four. AWESOME! Silvano is gay! I'm not sure where Lifetime found all these families but a moving back story must have been first on the list. Celia's mom is Bipolar and couldn't take care of her so she started living with her dad when she was 8. Silvano sacrificed to get her to dance lessons. He also has cancer.

When they take the stage they are very stylish. They were kind of cute but Silvano was not much better than Stephen. I was expecting more from him. Ben gives them a 75. Vitamin E gives them a 84. Chris gives them a 91. Formula 409, gives them a 65.

"Couple" five is Nicole and Michael. She is VERY tiny. He made her dance outfits! At first glance, THIS is going to be the couple to beat. They are very confident and look great together. They make me chuckle. Scratch that, they have started dancing the they make me LAUGH! He's the first dad's the is actually dancing! He is a big, happy goof ball! I LOVE them! Ben gives them a 95 and declares it his favorite of the evening. Vitamin A gives them a 84 (that's what she gave the last people). Chris gives them a 93. Formula 409, gives them a 90! They are the ones to beat!

Nicole and Michael are number one! The bottom pairs are Heather and Stephen (pair 2) and Celia and Silvano (pair 1). We get to vote to keep one. Since I recorded this, I'm not sure if voting is still open. Ian tells me that it is. Yeah.

I can't believe I'm going to say this but I liked this show! I'm going to keep watching it. It's filled with cheesy goodness! I've laughed and I've cried during this show. It's not about the dancing. Since it's on Lifetime, it will most likely not be back for another season so we have to watch it while we can!

I've got to go to to vote. But who do I vote for? I'm not voting on dance ability since they were both bad. I'm voting on the back story. Do I vote for the needy divorcee? Or the gay single dad? I have until sometime on Wednesday.

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So... are you still watching? I loved your blog by the way...

I have the past two episodes on my TiVo. I was planning on doing it this weekend but my husband had other plans! I'm going to try to do both before AI tonight so I can catch up and not seem too out of date! Thanks for stopping by and I'm very glad you like my blog! Do you have one? The link on your name didn't work.

I'm one of the contestants... in between rehearsals there isn't much time but to venture the www and see what's being said :) I don't have a blog... I do have a myspace...
I'm tuning in to Idol as well. I have my bets on Archuleta... he's definitely my fav at the moment!
p.s. production has made it a point to allow the dancers to do an opening number which will showcase them more as professionals so people don't think they can't dance any better than we can.. lol so make sure you see it.. It was a great number last week and will have another good one this week..