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I don't even know what to say. Normally the group sings are cheesy but they are still good. That was the worst one. Ever. A lot of people were off key, a lot of the words were forgotten, and the sound man was asleep! I did, however, get bonus points in MJ's Office Pool because the guys sang first! Yeah me!

Jason Yeagermeister is going home. More points for me!! It looked like Danny was going to puke!

I can't wait until the top 12! My husband is home on Thursday night. Right now, he's talking over top of everything and it's driving me nuts!!!!!!

Alex-and-drea is going home. More points for me!! Both VFTW picks are safe!!!!

Star Search Boy is very sad that Star Search Girl is going home. Isn't that sweet!

Alaina is next to leave. NO!! I liked her!!!!!!!!! Crap! That sucks. I really, really liked her. She was so sweet. I feel so bad for her. I'm actually tearing up!

Crap! Idol Gives back is back. YUCK! Raising money is good but that show sucked...except for Jack Black.

Faux Rocker Robbie is going home! YEAH!!!!!! Simon said "It just never felt real." Was he talking about his attempt at being a rocker or his hair piece? HA HA

Well, it's the 80's next week. What do you want to hear? I'm hoping for some heavy metal hair band songs!

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