Randy: What did you think? AL: It's over!  

ETA: This should have been the title yesterday! This is a conversation between Randy and Alex-and-drea.

Howdy! Looks like Blogger is going down at 6pm PST which is what? 9pm EST?? I'll do that best I can at posting. They should know better than to do that on an Idol night.

It's the girls rocking the 70's tonight. Hey! Did you hear that Robbie wears a hair piece?!? Yet more proof that he is not a rocker. A rocker would go bald (AND cover it with a tattoo if you're really a hard rocker).

It looks like they are kind of reversing the order for the girls as well. Carly "$2.2" Smithson is first. Followed by Syesha, Brooke, pOtS aNd PaNs bLiTcHes, KKKristy, Amanda, Alaina, Alex-and-drea, Kady, and in the pimp spot is Asia'h Ampersand. Can I just say, what in the HELL was Amanda thinking? What did she do with her hair and why didn't anyone stop her?

Since I have TiVo back tonight, I can stop it when the mood strikes me and it just struck. ENOUGH about song selection! We all know that the kids have a limited number of songs to pick from and the judges make it seem like they have millions to pick from. I hate that! I'm not sure about this week but the first week they had a list of 50 songs! I sing Karaoke and have been to places that only have a few hundred songs in their book and it's hard to find something good to sing. If I only had 50 songs to pick from I know the odds of one of those songs being one I can sing are pretty darn slim. I just wish they would stop blaming the song choice on the kids!

I want what is in the judges Coke glasses. The boys were fantastic? What the hell were they watching last night?!?!

As I said, Carly "$2.2" Smithson (5701) is up first. I can't believe I'm about to type this...WOW! I loved it. She was awesome. It was the perfect song for her and perfect for the first position. She was better then all of the guys last night including Star Search Boy in my book. One minor criticism, if you're going to bounce like that, wear a sport bra. Let see what the judges say. It's happening again! The judges are not hearing the same thing that I am. This is their girl. They should be tripping over each other to give her a tongue bath instead we get an aiight, glad you're feeling better, and you need to find THE song for you. What gives?

Syesha (5702) seems like a self-center bitch. There's nothing wrong with that in the real world, I've been called that myself a few times. TV is a different matter. Bragging is not the way to win votes. She is singing "Me and MR Jones", Oy-vey! She slowed it down too. It was already a slow song it didn't need to be slower. This is boring and I don't like it. George Huff was much better! Can I fast forward? I'm-m-m-m-m-m-m in-n-n-n-n hellllllllllllllllllllllll! Too many vocal gymnastics! Yuck! The judges agree with me for once.

Oh Boy! Brooke "Snow" White (5703) is playing the guitar this evening to "You're So Vain." It started out pretty good but then got boring real quick. If you're going to use a guitar, use it. Don't sit holding it for half the song. The bouncy-bouncy thing she did at the "clouds in my coffee" part was a bit to joyful for the song. Her whole performance was a bit too joyous. This is a payback song for being dumped not a if-you're-happy-and-you-know-it song. She's a plant so the judges will love it. I'm right, they love it.

I love Orbit gum! What the French Toast?!?

Ramiele (5704) dances the Hula just like Sanjaya!!!
pOtS aNd PaNs bLiTcHes! She's good but I'm not diggin' it. It's predictable and she brings nothing new to it. That was my best Simon imitation. How'd I do? She also looks like she's going to the mall. Randy didn't like it either and neither does Paula. Simon agrees too! I'm in shock!

Kristy "I sold my horse" Cook (5705) is a tomboy. Duh! You ride horses you dumb ass! She loves to do that hoochie dance! I think she sucks and might be going home. That's okay Kristy, I'm sure you can pick up a few bucks from Playboy. HEY! I bet they'd buy you your horse back as long as you posed on it...naked! She just hit a REALLY bad note! Sorry for your bad luck, Kristy! Adios! Since she's a plant, the judges love it and pimp her big time. WTF!

Yikes! Amanda's hair is scary!

Double Yikes! Blogger just went down!!!!

OMG! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? Is it just me or did Amanda (5706) suck big tail pipe tonight?!?! I'm not sure what to say except "Welcome to Vote for the Worst Amanda!" I just checked and they named her the pick before the end of the show! Brilliant! The judges hated it as well. It was the dream VFTW performance. It might even top the Faux-Hawk of 2007!

Alaina (5707) is a picky eater. Pickier than I am. Note to self: Show this to husband so he gets off my back about onions. I liked Alaina last week but this week she's leaving me cold. I didn't like it. I think I will vote for her anyway (along with Amanda)! I still think she very cute! Grease is one of my favorites and I do this song at Karaoke sometimes. Since I quit smoking, I bet I could do it really good!

Alex-and-drea (5708) is not one of my favorites and this song is doing nothing for me. I should say, how she is singing this song is doing nothing for me. I love the song...the original song. Her version is not good. The judges didn't really like it. Her comments to Ryan at the end were funny.

The contestants need to stay away from the stairs. Kannon Fodder Kady (5709) tried to walk down and sing but it didn't work. This song isn't working for her. Carly killed her Heart song but Kady did not. She's kinda funny but I think she's history. Paula loved her when she "powered." Overall, she sucked. Sorry Kady!

My DialIdol has started and is not having any problems getting through. I would really like to know what they did to get rid of the busy signals. I know there are more contestants at this stage and less people voting but I shouldn't be getting through THIS easy.

Like, OMG! Asia'h Ampersand (5710) was a cheerleader! I'm not fond of the fake hair. High Lord Dave is correct: Thou Shall Not Sing Celine Unless Thou ARE Celine. If it wasn't for Amanda's outstanding performance, Asia'h might have been the VTFW pick.

The girls out did the guys BIG time. I loved Carly and thought she won the night but I can't vote for her. Sorry!

So, who are you voting for?

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I can't stand Syesha either. She comes across as really conceited to me. She actually placed somewhat low on DialIdol this week, so maybe we'll be rid of her soon.