"Just a bunch of rebelious kids..." or not  

Good Tuesday evening to you all! It's that time of the week and according to the spoilers over at MJ's Big Blog, AI looks like it's going to be a good one! I can only hope that Luke is awesome and Danny is to die for!

Tonight is the '70s! I don't have TiVo tonight so I may miss somethings. I'm using it to record the debate for my husband (okay...me too!). Looks like another plant has the pimp spot tonight...I'm so shocked...NOT.

Michael "I like to steal songs" Johns (5701) is up first. The spot of death for a pant? They did that to Kristy last week. I'm happy...he's sucking! YEAH!!! OMG!!! He is hitting some BAD notes!!!! I can't believe it! STOP REACHING OUT TO THE CAMERA!!! THAT IS SO DAMN CHEESY!!!!!!! HA-HA! He sucked the big one tonight! Randy drank a big cup of the Kool-aid and so did Paula, they liked it. Simon that it was okay but weak. Maybe I can't hear. Did you think it was in tune?

Two of my favorites are up after the break!

I want the new MacBook Air!!!!

I heard Jason Castro (5702) fans are calling themselves "Dreadheads." He's cute. He shouldn't have played the guitar again. He still sounds good. Really pleasant and mellow. He's kinda boring too. Oh well. I liked the ending. I'm not sure if I'll be voting for him again. Well, Simon was a dick and blasted him on his song choice.

Luke (5703) is a hottie. He SOOOO shouldn't dance. Did I mention he's a hottie? I just listened and didn't type at the same time. I like the song and I like him so...I like him singing the song? Maybe not. Ryan called him Dawson's Creek. LOL

I want someone to blow me away like Elliott did. Season 5 was the best season. It's been downhill since then. I haven't absolutely LOVED anyone since then. I actually found myself voting (and fighting for) Sanjaya last season. I never thought that would happen!

Robbie (5704) is NOT a rocker. I've said it before, if he was a rocker, he would go by Rob not Robbie! Why would you have your wallet with you on stage? I can feel myself turning into a Worster again! You don't have to prove you're a rocker if you are a rocker. Robbie, you sir are NO rocker!

It better start getting better! I need a drink!

Of course, I'm only drinking 7-up! LOL

Awesome! Danny (5705) is next! He was in a punk band that sucked. He picked a Carpenter's song which would normally be the kiss of death but it fits him. He should sing Cher next week for the 80's!!! OMG! That would be PREFECT! He's making me smile again!! Alright! I'm voting for him! Why are the judges coming down on him?!?! Leave him alone! He made me LOL out loud...again! He also gave me my blog title tonight (without the "or not").

David H. (5706) is telling us that he was a gymnast. Why didn't he tell us he was a gay stripper? Or a topless bartender in a gay bar? Well, he's been singing since I started typing and I haven't stopped yet which is a bad sign for David. If he is was good I would have stopped by now. I'm getting ready to stop now because I'm running out of thing to type. The back-up singers and the band sounds good. It's over and I think everyone liked it. Maybe it's me?

Mr. Blue Light is cuter than that stupid Wal-Mart smiley face.

Jason Yeagermeister (5707) plays every instrument under the sun. He's singing one of my favorites and he sounds great! I thought he sounded awesome last week too. His performance is very Disney and he shouldn't dance either. I like his voice. I think there is something wrong with me. I am not hearing the same things as the judges are tonight.

Ryan said that Chicken Fricassee (5708) was going to be singing Donnie Hathaway. He better not be trying to sing an Elliott song. I think that all songs from Season 5 should be retired and not sung again! I don't like him. Please don't vote for him. Elliott killed that song and he did NOT. CHRIST ALMIGHTY!!! What the hell is wrong? I am not hearing what the judges are hearing.

Word nerd, David Cook (5709) is singing rock song (take notes Robbie). I think his guitar is over powering and annoying. I'm sure the judges will love it. That how this night has been going. I kinda like David C. if I'm not looking at him. It annoys me that way he tilts his head up and his eye down. Oh yeah, the judges love it. I do agree with the judges that he is the real rocker...for the guys.

Star Search Boy (5710) is telling us about meeting the Season one Idols. We already knew that. Now tell us about the fact that one of the people with Idol has been trying to get you a contract since season one. Is it Michael Jackson's fault that "Imagine" is being sang on American Idol? Did he buy John Lennon's music too? Christ almighty, just crown him the next American Idol now and get it over with!

I like to close my eyes and listen to the clips at the end to see if I hear anything that makes me pay attention. Two clips made me stop, Danny and Jason Y. I guess they're getting my votes tonight! Even though I picked Jason to go home in the pool!

Overall, I'm disappointed with tonight. I'm disappointed with everything Idol right now. Tomorrow better be better.

Is it just me or are the phone lines really easy to get through on?

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I'm so glad you said that about the lines being so unusually open-- I was starting to worry.

But I'm writing because: 30 days?!!! That is so awesome, Kristi!!! You rock AND roll.

I quit 10 years ago, and it was harrrrddd. And I still miss it, while not actually having any desire to do it. But I'm going to smoke again when I'm 80. My best friend is going to gamble. My other best friend is going to sleep with younger men (it's her fantasy, let her dream).

Good for you!!

—Lady C

I thought Danny Noriega would sing either "Dancing Queen" or that '77 Michael Jackson hit, "Enjoy Yourself". Both seem to fit him nicely.

I'm glad to see there are other people out there who like Jason Yeager. Your "Idol" recap isn't as detailed as mine, but it's much more humorous. Good job.

Thank heavens I found someone else who likes Danny! He makes me so happy and even Jacob on TWoP doesn't like him. VFTW chose him (as I am sure you know) but they are treating him sweetly. Other than, you know, calling him the worst.

Thanks for stopping by everyone! I hope I can entertain without irritating!

brunhildecrow: I think Danny is great. I hope he at least stays around for awhile!