The group number has been a Hollywood staple for six seasons! It guarantees drama, tears, fights, claws! The instruments add a lot of mess for the most part but, so far, it's not making up for the lack of group numbers.

I love me some Amanda Overmyer!!

WHY did they let Calab to Hollywood? YUCK!!!! But I feel sorry for him.

LMAO!! The Orbit commercial was AWESOME! "Lint-Licker!" LOL!!!!!


Overall, I'm unhappy with this new Hollywood week "one million percent". I miss the contestants fighting with each other. I miss "God likes good people." I miss getting to know some of the potential Idols. I will say that I was never sure why they did groups anyway. I don't think it added anything but stress but it did make good TV. I really liked that one season where they had to write a song, that seemed relevant.

I would say that best thing about the show tonight was the Orbit commercial!! Loved it!

OH! One more good thing about tonight, Obama won!!!!!

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