And then there was...Hollywood!

This week on Idol, it's Hollywood week. I don't know why we only get two days of Hollywood. That's when you start seeing who people really are and we get to hear good singing. I love the drama of it all. To make it that far just to be sent home requires more than 2 one-hour shows. After all, last year brought us this awesome quote "God likes good people." Stated without a hint of sarcasm by Antonella's BFF Amanda (?). Last year also brought us the awesome group performance by Chris Sligh and Blake Lewis' group. Anybody still have that link? Anyway, the only reason to watch (since it's so short) is to see if the top 24 spoilers were right. Here's the pic of the top 24.

Until tomorrow....OH! Don't forget to vote tomorrow if you're in VA, MD, or DC. Guess who I'm voting for!

One more thing, I am so over American Gladiators. It was cool for about the first three shows. Now all I do is goof around on the internet waiting for the Eliminator. Besides, Monica is going to win for the women and that hot blond guy will win for the men.

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Hi, Kristi

The fansite, Chris-Sligh.Info has a section under the Main Menu, called Video Links, where you can find all of Chris's past performances.
Here is the link to the Hollywood group performance:

Thanks Rosalee!!!