"Sorry I pulled out in front of you dude."  

How obvious can the powers that be...be?!?! Michael Lee Johns went last yesterday and Carly is set to go last tonight! BS!!! I'm not feeling that great anyway and they just pissed me off!

A plant has the first spot?!? That might just make up for giving Carly the pimp-spot...NOT. Kristy Lee Cook (5701) is really selling the "Selling the Horse" story. She's boring except for the slutty way she dances and stands on the stage. If everyone else is better, she might be the VFTW pick! Oh yeah! She sucked hard! I guess she's sick. Man, they are still trying to pimp her! We Get It! She's SICK! So What!

Joanne (5702) is next up. Will she touch us? She's missing the low notes and gets a little screechy at times. She's not moving around much. That's about as much moving as I do when I sing karaoke. Is it just me or do the songs seem longer tonight? Well, she didn't touch me but she was better than Kristy.

How do you think it's going so far?

Yeah, the girls are doing as bad well as the guys did.

I'm loving Alaina (5703)! She is too cute! Who else but Ryan do you talk about shoes?!? Her package is making her look good. I do remember her audition because of the "Shoot" thing. It was cute then and, dare I say, it is cute now. Cute! Cute! Cute! I'd like to fix her up with my little brother. Think she'd move to South Dakota? No, probably not. Anyway, let's hope she can sing.

She can! She's the best so far. Even Simon loved her which is not always a good thing. I better vote double hard for her.

Amanda is up after the break.

Amanda Overmyer, Rocker/Nurse, (5704) better have picked a good song! She says she's not singing Janis any more. I'm not sure if her pick is the best song for her. I'm not digging the scat but I guess that's how the song goes. It really doesn't matter because I can hardly understand her when she's singing actual words. She would do better on "Rock Star". I may vote for her anyway just to keep things interesting. I loved her comments at the end! Overall, I like her.

Victim number five is Amy Davis (5705). Short name = short stay. Can she buck the system? Not a good start!! Holy shit!! Oh that's great. Now I'm going to have to start picking on the way she looks! Her and her Chicklet teeth! I wonder if she's sick too. Ouch!!!! She better start crying or pass out or something FAST! She needs the sympathy votes! No tears = no votes

Brooke "G-Rated Nanny" White (5706) is annoying. She should have taught Amy how to cry. She sounds pretty good but I'm bored. She's not a very good dancer. Meh. I'm not a bright-happy-shiny-person person.

Star Search Girl (5707) lost to Search Search Boy but in the day. Can she beat him the second time around? The breathing thing is making me cringe. She makes me think that Kathy Lee Gifford is singing this song. Holy crap! Is there a female version of falsetto?? YUCK! Randy and Paula liked it?!?! Simon is a smart man! He is correct, it was bad. Very far away from hawt!

In Luke's place is Kady (5708). Why does she remind me of Kat? The first two songs seemed long but this one seemed short. Oh well. Her Brit thing was funny but the song wasn't great. The pencil comment was a bit harsh and will get her votes, big time! But Simon ended up trying to stop her pain.

Asia'h (5709) is turning Janis into a black gospel singer and she sounds pretty good! I love her little happy dance after Simon's comment! I'm voting for her too!

Ramiele (5710) has the funniest thing on her myspace page. Something like "pOtS aNd PaNs bLiTchEs!" There's more to it but I like the "pots and pans blitches" part. Oddly enough, I find myself saying that a lot. I've decided it means "same shit, different day". Feel free to use it too! Her singing is pretty good. I think she should have worked on her wardrobe a little bit more. I dress would have looked nice. Seems like all of her time was spent on her hair.

See! I told you that Ryan is the one you want to discuss shoes with!! How many shoe comments before it's mandatory that Ryan comes out of the closet? One an hour should count considering a normal male discusses shoes an average of twice a year.

The Moment of Truth commercials alone make me feel dirty! I can't imagine actually watching the show!

Syesha (5711) seems like a bitch and her package isn't helping. I think all Season 5 songs should be retired from use on AI. Tobacco Road was awesome with the guys from season 5 and is horrible by anyone else. This performance was so over the top! Hated it!

Carly "I got a visa" Smithson (5712) is in the pimp spot. I think it's funny how all the major news outlets are just now picking up on the Idol Plants this season when most of us have known about them for what seems like months. By "us" I mean the Idol-obsessed dorks like me!

The pot commercial where the kid builds a pot cocoon is kinda creepy.

What's this shit about the record company not existing anymore? It was MCA!! I guess that was AI's attempt to stop all the talk. I don't think it did it. I see she has her tats covered. I'm right, I don't like her. I ain't voting for her. OMG! "The best of the 24"!!! NO! Thank God Simon didn't drink the Kool-Aid today!

Alaina, Amanda and Pots and Pans Blitches Asia'h are getting my votes tonight! Where did your votes go?

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If Amanda pulled out in front of me, I'd hit that, too. (Interpret that any way you want.)

I can't believe how gawd-awful Amy was and I, too, can't believe people actually watch "Moment of Truth". Do you think the people in the audience go home and shower afterwards to stop feeling dirty?