"I got the shoes."  

Idol is really shaking this year up for some reason. My guess is that last year sucked so bad the powers that be felt that the whole format was broken. Guess what, it wasn't! You didn't stick to the formula last year you dumb asses! Anyway, there will be theme nights starting now. The theme du jour is "Songs from the '60's." Let's hope they all rock and prove this to be the most talented season of AI ever!

David H. is up first (5701). What's with the extreme echo? He sounds pretty good but is just standing there. BAD last few notes. Ouch!!

Chicken Fricassee Eze (5702) seems like a nice guy. He's kinda creeping me out. Is that suit velvet? He started kinda weak but the middle is sounding good. (Since I'm typing, he's not creeping me out.) I don't like him talking at the same time as the judges. Don't talk back to the judges! Bad move buddy! Good bye!

So far, it's good karaoke but not much more. Come on! I NEED some one to blow me away! Could it be my TV-BF Luke????

David C., one of the rockers, is next (5703) but first Ryan has to chat with Colton, who is pretty funny. So far David is the best of the night. I've always liked the song and he done good. David, you don't suck.

More commercials! I do LOVE the AT&T commercial with Granny texting. Not as good as the "IDK. My BBF Jill?" one, that KILLS me!

Who did they say was next? Oh yeah! Jason Yeagermister! Let's see what he sounds like (5704). His kid is cute! I'm gonna cry! He sounds really good but I think it was a bad song choice. Moon River? Why in the hell would you pick that? He seems kinda Disney to me. You know, "Whole New World" kind of singing. I don't think Simon will like it. Jason sang it for his grandma. Now I'm really going to cry! I think he will get some votes for that. Also, since Simon is coming down on him, he'll get even more votes. What is with his kid's hair??? Was that Bobby Brady?

Can't we have TWO people at once!!! I better pee and refill my glass. Have you tried the 7-up with Pomegranate? It is awesome. I think it was a Christmas thing but I just found one a couple of weeks ago. Love it! I have to find more this weekend. I bought all that my regular store had.

Back to the show. Faux Rocker Robbie (5705) is next. He is so NOT a rocker. I LOVE "ONE!" Put the damn mic stand down! Thank you. I think he sucked. Paula is on drugs!!! He's authentic?!?! What the Hell?!?! Simon is drinking from Paula's glass, he said the song was current. Simon did call him out on the faux rocker thing. A wallet on a chain and a do-rag does not a rocker make.

Star Search Boy is next (5706). I don't know what to write. Boy, I really don't know what to write. I don't think I liked it. Maybe I can think of something later.

Well, he's annoying. Ryan I don't want to adopt him and this lady doesn't love him.

Cher, I mean Danny (5707), is doing Elvis after the break!

I couldn't type during that. I loved him! He was fun! Best performance of the night. He didn't seem at all gay during that. I'm not sure it was the best vocals of the night but I loved it. He'll be getting some of my votes! Simon is a meany!

Quote of the night: "I got the shoes." I love Danny!

My TV Boyfriend, Luke (5708), is next. I'll type after he's done.

Well, I have to say it didn't start out that great but it ended pretty good. I like him. He didn't make me melt but that's okay. That happens sometimes. He's just nervous. We can try again later.

Luke is in trouble!

Colton (5709) is singing Elvis too. I think he's really good! I like him. You go Colton!

Garrett Haley (5710) is next. I think he's history. I was checking my facebook and myspace while he was singing. He didn't do anything to make me stop and pay attention. Except for the fact that I wasn't paying attention.

Fidel Castro...Jason Castro, yeah, that's it, (5711) was almost lucky enough to get the pimp spot but got beat out by the main male plant, Michael Lee Johns. Jason is a hottie too, even with the yucky snake hair. If Luke goes, he'll be my TVBF! He's playing the guitar. I like him too! I'm having a day dream about Luke. No wait, I'm just kidding! I really, really liked Jason. He get the top spot of the night in my book.

The big plant, Michael Lee Johns (5712) is not going to impress me. He is not going to impress me. He is not going to impress me. Be strong, Kristi! Be strong!

He would do good in a Freddy Mercury bio-pic. He get the pimp flames but then again, he is singing about fire. He's good but not current. Take that Simon! I'm not impressed.

My best guest is that Garrett is going home. The other person going home is going to be either Chicken Fricassee Eze or Jason Yeagermister.

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Thanks for stopping by to comment. I'll return the favor. I just re-watched Garrett to make sure I'm not nuts. I stand by what I said, but I see he's in last place. I think I was flashing back to Peter Frampton (though he isn't 1/4 of what Peter Frampton was).

I'll check back tonight!

It's a good thing Christian de la Fuente is on Dancing With the Stars this season or Mrs. High Lord would be trying to beat you up and steal your TV boyfriend.