Heads Rolled  

I couldn't blog and watch American Idol tonight because my husband was playing poker online. Since Thursday is his only week night off, I guess I should let him do what he wants.

I tried to take notes but didn't really write anything except "Luke is hawt!" over and over again! Just kidding! But he is hawt!! And he's still in!!!!

Anyway, AI is REALLY shaking this season up. Group Sings?!?! This early?!?! Hot damn!! I love those cheesy things. It was a '60's medley (like they'd do anything else) and it wasn't all bad. Luke can sing! I loved the outfits. I have the pattern for the long vest/jacket Amanda was wearing. I think I need to loose weight before I try wearing that but it was cute.

Ryan kills Garrett first. That was not a surprise. None of them are surprises at this stage of the game because there is a lot of dead weight on that stage. Garrett sings his song and now it's the girls' turn. DUM-DUM-DA-DUM! Amy get the ax while sitting down. I bet Kristy nearly peed her pants!

Just once I would love it if one of the newly killed would just throw the mic on the stage and run away. I know they want to do that!

Next up is Paula's crappy single with video. One note: Doesn't she want to dance like there's no tomorrow? She's not dancing very much in the video.

Since the girls are already up there, Ryan is going to send another one home. He calls Amanda and Joanne. I think everyone in America including Joanne knows that she's the one leaving. Of course Ryan has to cut ot commercial before giving her the ax. She must have been well liked because most of the girls are crying and some of them are bawling! (pOtS and pAnS BliTchEs!)

Colton is the final guy to be sent home. I think Chicken Fricassee should have left and I think he knows it. I don't think he'll be talking back to Simon anytime soon. Colton was canned for two reasons: 1) Smiling while singing a song about cheating and loss, and 2) Kyle was cut to make room for him. The second one really isn't the truth but the average Idol viewer saw it that way.

So here we go. Four down, eight to go. I'm going to think about my top 12 and post it before next Tuesday's show. I wanted to hear everyone sing before making a list. Do you have your list yet?

OH! I almost forgot! Did you catch Joanne's slip? She said something like...Sunday, I mean Wednesday was kind of crazy.

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The way Garret got whacked, I'll guarantee you Danny Noriega was sitting in a puddle of pee.