I won...twice!

Mike has been in Rockville taking care of his son since Friday night. His mom went into the hospital again. She's coming home today. I'm not sure but I think her medication needed adjusting again. He should be on his way home soon.

Saturday night is our night for poker. Since Mike was out of town, I went by myself. I was pretty fun. I didn't drink because I was around a bunch of smokers and I was afraid that if I drank, I would smoke. I also ate a lot of chip and salsa. Between those two things, I did NOT smoke!!! Yeah for me! I won that battle. (However, right at this moment, I really WANT to smoke.)

The second battle I won was in poker. Well, Jamie and I decided to split the pot but that was the first time in a long time I won money at poker! Yeah me! Win number two for the night!

Food Log 1-20-2008
Breakfast: Granola Cereal with 2% milk
Drinks: glass of V8, Crystal Light

After dinner thoughts:
I didn't get a chance to write down my thoughts on eating yesterday because I didn't get home from poker until 11:30. Looking back, yesterday was a big smoking day for me. I was off work without a lot to do and I went to poker with a bunch of smokers. All in all, I think I did pretty well on the eating yesterday. I could have done better but I didn't smoke and that's HUGE!

Smoking Log 1-20-2008
I didn't smoke yesterday!!!! I would like to smoke right now but I won't.

Weight Log
What do I want More? A Meat Lovers Pizza or to look decent in a swimsuit in Vegas in September?

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I saw your comment on thejoyofidol and followed the link. I love your blog! Since you said you are going to blog idol, I put a link to you up on out blog.