Big Time in the Old Town!

There was a lot of excitement in Winchester yesterday. It seems a suspicious package was found Friday afternoon in front of the FBI office on Braddock St. in Winchester. The surrounding area was evacuated and some of the roads were closed. Piccadilly street was one of the streets but the only way you could tell was to look at the barriers on the street because there was still plenty of traffic.

Right now, it looks like three people found an old briefcase in a garbage can and decided it would be funny to drop it off in front of the FBI office. The three have been arrested. The COOL thing that happened was that a bomb squad was called in to blow up the briefcase and they did! We heard it in my office. Very cool!

Totally unrelated, a dead body was found in a warehouse on Cameron street today as well. What I'm hearing is that there was a small fire in the building a few days ago that put itself out but killed the person. I'm thinking that it was a homeless person that broke into the building to stay warm. There are quite a few homeless downtown.

All in all, it was quite an exciting day in Downtown Winchester!

OH! AND it snowed Thursday!

Food Log 1-19-2008
Breakfast: Granola Bar, yogurt
Lunch: homemade beef stroganoff!!!
Dinner: Meatloaf and potatoes (at a friends house)
Snacks: Ginger Snaps (too many to count), chips and salsa (at least the salsa is good for me)
Drinks: glass of V8, 1 Crystal Light, 2L Sierra Mist Free w/splash of cranberry (yummy)

After dinner thoughts:
coming soon - skipped see blog for 1/20/08

Smoking Log 1-19-2008
I didn't think about smoking until I got to this part of the blog! Yeah me! - see blog for 1/20/08

Weight Log
What do I want More? A Whopper or to be able to ride on a plane comfortably?

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