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My husband and I are trying to quit smoking and loose weight. I read in a magazine at the doctor's office that I good way to start loosing weight is to write everything down that you eat. After all, do you really want to write down that you ate a Baskin Robbins two-scoop sundae? I won't. so I thought I'd start today with the food and also add it my smoking urges. I'm going try to be good and write all the time. As you can see, I've waited until 12:30pm to start which is not a good sign. Anyway, here goes!

Food Log 1-18-2008
Breakfast: McDonalds' Hashbrowns, Sausage McMuffin
Lunch: X slices of extra cheese Pizza Hut pizza
Dinner: Leftover Chinese (YUMMY!)
All day snacks: tic tacs - one pack of cinnamon (to help with quiting "tac" at a time.)
Drinks: 2 Mountain Dews, glass of V8, Crystal Light, Large Coke

After dinner thoughts:
First thought is that I have to AT LEAST start drinking diet soda if not just water. Second thought, I need to bring food to work. I will, however, throw out the excuse that it's Friday and everyone likes to order out on Friday. I have to stop being lazy and start cooking and cleaning. I REALLY hate to do dishes but I need to make myself do them.

Smoking Log 1-18-2008
I was very mad at my husband last night for smoking. I guess I wasn't mad at him for smoking but mad that he did it without me!! Anyway, my cravings are a little less so far today. That's a good sign!!
I really, really want to smoke after eating! I timed my craving and it went away in less than two minutes. I think I can handle that! I still think that I'm not going to be able to drink and not smoke yet. I pretty sure that not drinking is a good thing and will help with the weight loss part of this "New Me" project.

Weight Log
I will not post my weight for all to see. My husband doesn't even know what I weigh. I will post losses until I feel okay with sharing my weight. I can tell you that the little changes I've made this past week have helped. I went to the doctor last Thursday and again this Thursday and had lost 2 pounds! I think I might have gained them back with what I ate today but we shall see.

I must remember to think, "What do I want More?" Do I want that cookie or do I want to shop in a store with normal sized clothes?

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