Weekend's here, have a can of beer!

It's that time again. No, not Friday! It's time for me to publicly flog myself of not blogging much this summer. I'm such a loser!

Last night was the finale of my summer love, So You Think You Can Dance. It was, like all good-byes, bitter-sweet. My girl Sabra won and now it done! Yeah...boo!

It will be time for my to start cleaning the house again I guess. I have about a month before the fall shows start so I should be able to get our place clean by then. I still have poker a few nights a week and my birthday is coming soon so I'm not sure how much blogging I'll be able to do but you all know by now not to hold your breath for me!

Speaking of Poker, I've been doing pretty well. There's a local bar that has a free poker tournaments two nights a week and a couple of weeks ago I won one! I beat 40 people (95% men) to win bragging rights and a dinner for two! My husband and I got our dinner last night and for a free meal, it was pretty good. If I had been paying for it, I would have sent a few things back.

I also wanted to update everyone on the logo I blogged about last month. It is finished and the customer LOVED it. Here is the final version.

I'll post pictures of her van when I get them. It is too cute for words!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!!

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That is a great logo. You must be in touch with your artistic self :)

Well done on the poker win. I played once before my friends banned me and haven't played since.