Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is my dad's birthday so I thought I'd post a little blog about him. Nothing fancy.

Here's a picture of him and my step-mom, Cathy Ann, on one of their fishing trips.

I thought you might want to have an idea of what he looks like. Actually, he's been on an excellent diet recently and is a lot thinner now. Good going dad!!! I have a newer picture of him on my cell phone but I can't get the damn thing to go anywhere!

Here's a few facts about my dad, he likes to bike, surf the net and watch NASCAR. Him and my step-mom have an RV and travel to most of the east coast races. He's a huge Redskins fan even when they lose (which is a lot). He likes to do crosswords puzzles and has a contest with his sister, Shelley, every week. Every Fourth of July he turns into Dr. Fire! He likes Texas Hold 'em and Dominos. When I was in high school, his favorite band was ZZTop. When we go on car trips, he always tunes the radio to the 80's station just for me. He eats pickled pig's feet, stinky fish and really hot pickles. He loves his toys and loves his wife. He's great at his job. He laughs at my jokes. Drys my tears and tells me everything is going to be fine. He's always there whenever I need him.
I couldn't pick a better dad...and friend!! He's the number one man in my life (don't tell my husband)!!

Dad, on this, your birthday, I just want to tell you that I love you very much!!

Your daughter-

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He sounds like everybody's dream Dad
and that is an amazing fish.
Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy birthday to your Dad, Kristi. He sounds like he keeps quite busy.

Happy Birthday to your dad! That was a lovely tribute to him :)

Awwww... Kristi, I feel just that way about my Dad. His birthday is coming up, so maybe I'll steal your idea and write about him on the blog.

Best to you.

Thanks for all your nice comments! We went out to dinner for his birthday and had a great time!!