Poker Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend! Brandon (Mike's son) was down for the weekend again which was is fine. He's pretty easy to please. Friday was also First Friday in Downtown. Which is when all the businesses stay open late and do special things. There's usually a few wine tastings, maybe a book signing, and a couple of bands. We went into the juggling store, Incredible Flying Objects, for the first time and loved it! They had these thing called Flying Monkeys. It's a monkey with long arms and legs and the arms are like a sling shot. You fling them across the room and they scream! Everyone is getting one for Christmas this year! They also had magic tricks, funny action figures (a Librarian for example), and bumper stickers. The one I remember the most said "Jesus is Coming. Look busy." We had dinner at one of the pubs then Brandon did his own thing and Mike and I went home and played cards for a while. We went out again and ran into a few friends, drank a few beers, and strolled down the mall. All in all, it was a perfect evening and just steps out our door!

Saturday was just as awesome! Brandon slept in and Mike watched the news while I played Poker online. After a while, we hopped in the shower and went to play poker leaving Brandon to wander on his own (we gave him money for lunch at McDonald's). It was a smaller than normal crowd for poker due to the holiday last week but we had a good time. Angie came and played for the first time. She didn't do too bad. Everyone seemed to like her and she seemed to like everyone (except for one guy). After the tournament, we got a cash game going and I could do very little wrong! I was going to say "no wrong" but that would be lying just a little. I knocked out a few people and, in the end, managed to turn my $20 into $58! Mike did even better! We drank a bit too much during the day and had to walk home. On the way, we called in pizza for dinner. Brandon was glad to see us but not as glad as he was to see the pizza!

I hope your weekend was just as fun!!

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Glad you had a good weekend adn hope this one is good too!

I had a friend who had that slogan (Jesus is comin..) on his screen saver. It always made me grin :)