Everybody's Working For the Weekend!

Ain't no doubt in my mind! This week sucked the big egg. Having the Fourth of July smack dab in the middle of the work week was a horrible thing (especially for those of us who weren't smart enough to take vacation). Monday was slow and painful because that's the way Monday's are for me. Tuesday was also slow because all I could think about was going home early (which didn't happen) and I didn't have a lot to do because most people took the week off (I really need to start paying attention to the calendar). Thursday was bad because of the slight hangover and the fact that I kept thinking it was Monday (two Mondays in one week, YUCK). Today is the best day of the week because, well, it's always the best. I haven't had much to do this week which is a bad thing when all you want to do is go home.

I did work on one neat project this week. Actually, it was just yesterday and today. A mobile dog groomer came in and needed me to do her logo, quick. She had been trying, for the past three weeks, to use another designer in town but had no luck. She came in with her idea and a font she liked and I came up with this.

I think it's just too cute for words! She really likes it as well. Other than that, nothing much going on at work.

Lots of things going on this weekend here in the old burg. First Friday, Poker, and the Blues House all just outside our door! First Friday brings a lot of people downtown to the galleries and shops to hear live music and drink free wine. There are other things to do as well but that's what I do, listen to music and drink! Poker is something we do every Saturday but we might not because of the Blues House. The Blues House a small street festival that we will be able to see and hear from our living room. The temptation to do that instead of poker is going to be great. I just don't know which is going to win. I'll let you know!

What are your plans for the weekend? Will I be jealous?

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I kept thinking Thursday was another Monday, as well.

And I could kick myself for not taking the rest of the week off!


It was a very confusing week wasn't it?

Cute logo! It makes me want to check her out with my puppies.

That is a great logo, Kristi. Wonderful work.