American Idol - Not today

It's Tuesday so it's American Idol but I'm not into it at all. After I got home from work, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I'm pooped!

On my way home, I went to Dollar General and picked up a few things I needed. The rest of the way home was pretty interesting. I passed a woman talking on her cell phone, an old guy in a HUGE cowboy hat and a suit, and a juggler. I kid you not! There was a guy on the mall juggling 5 balls and trying to throw in a spin. He was getting frustrated when I walked by but I told him it was impressive! I love living downtown!

Idol started when I was sitting down to eat so I decided not to blog about it like I normally do. Scary Phil was good. Jordin was the best. Sanjaya sucked but his hair was interesting. LaKisha didn't quite do it for me or the judges. Chris sucked and is in danger. (Ryan is a tiny man. A tiny, tiny man.) Melinda was the same as always, good but boring to me. I guess Blake gets the pimp spot. He sounds usual.

Bottom three: Phil, Chris, LaKisha
Going home: Phil (I was going to say Chris except he's going to get a TON of votes because he was teary eyed when he gave a shout out to VA Tech.)

This season is disappointing to me and I'll be voting for Sanjaya. Lets hope he stays out of the bottom three again this week!! I hope that this whole Sanjaya thing changes things with American Idol. I want them to look for the most talented singer in America and not just have a casting call for another reality show. We have enough reality shows that those people can try out for. Let's have the singers, please!

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That sounds like a productive day - such a lot of cleaning!

I must say that we have an awful lot of reality TV in the UK too. I was so over it a long time ago!