Downtown, Where all the Lights are Bright!

I love living downtown. The weather was a little better yesterday for my walk home so there were more people out. As I was walking home, I was looking around and my husband came out of the wine store just as I was walking by! We got to walk home together! It was quite cosmopolitan!

We had a glass (or two) of wine at home before walking to Sweet Caroline's for dinner and a night of poker. I drank WAY too much because I could and staggered home, alone, at about 10:30. I got knocked out of the second game quickly due to the massive amount of beer I drank during the first game. I will NOT be doing that again!

Sanjaya is gone and I'm sad! He made the show worth watching for me. I still think he should have sang "Indian Outlaw" by Tim McGraw! I guess I'll be voting for Jordin from now on. Next week is the big "Idol Gives Back" thing. I'll be glad when that's over! I hope they go back to the 1/2 hour elimination show after that. I can only take so much filler! The theme for next week is, of course, Inspirational Songs. Oh Joy.

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I'm glad Sanjaya is GONE. He was destroying the show. Now the real singers can compete.

I think the people that picked him for the top 24 need to take the blame for "destroying" the show. And in order for the real singers to compete, Phil and Chris need to leave as well.

Thanks for stopping by!! I love having new people read my blog! I'll add you to my Roll Call.

Poor Sanjaya...I remember how shocked he looked when he didn't get cut in the beginning. He knew he wasn't the same caliber. Then he just decided to have fun and roll with it. People don't have to be so mean to him. He's just a kid and he doesn't get to vote for himself. Sigh...

I've been rooting for Jordin from the start. And I'm really liking Blake as well. We'll see...

That does sound quite cosmopolitan! Fancy bumping into your husband :) It's nice to walk home with somebody. (Mind you, I have to drive home, but it's still nice to have someone to chat with).

I haven't watched since Sanjaya went home. I had an entire song and dance worked out that I performed when he took the stage. The lyrics were, "Sanjaya, Sanjaya, you set this place on fire!"

Except, fire sounds more like fiya when you sing it right.

Now what will I sing?

"You're such a pretty fella
Prettier than Antonella!"

I miss my little Sanjaya!!!

Last night was boring (with the exception of Blake)!