Love Love me do..or don't

It's hanging day on American Idol. My pick to leave is still Stephanie. Let see if I'm right!

Ryan welcomes as all and recap last night. Blah, blah, blah. We saw this last night. A shorter recap would work just fine for me! We do get to see Ryan dance again which is NOT a good thing. The best thing was that we got to hear a little bit of Jordin from last night. SHE had the best vocal of the night not Melinda IMO.

Peter Noone is up first, even before the commercials! WOW! He is cute for an old guy and doesn't sound too bad either. Let's enjoy!

I thought Peter and Lulu did a great job with the kids. They gave actual advise that the kids could use. Thanks to Nikki-Ann, I now know that "You Make Me Wanna Shout" is not by Otis Day and the Knights! It's by Lulu.

Ford commercial!! Cute! Brad Garrett is on the couch with the kids! Brad got voted out!!

Phil, Melinda, and Blake are asked to stand and all three are save. DAMN! I hate Phil!

Chris S., LaKisha, and Jordin are also asked to stand and all three are safe.

Sanjaya, Haley, Gina are asked to stand and they are not the bottom three!!!!!!!!!! Haley made it even with being in the dead man's spot.

Chris R. and Stephanie are the bottom two this week. Alright!!! I don't care which one goes because I can live without either one. I'm hoping that it's Stephanie then my record would be 2 out of 2.

No group sing tonight?? I guess not since they had two guest mentors and both get to sing. The half hour shows fly by!

Lulu is singing and time as not been as kind to her as it has been to Peter. Then, isn't that always the case. Men age gracefully and women crash and burn!!

Chris R. and Stephanie are on the seal of death. And the Dead Man Walking is...Stephanie!

I'm 2 for 2!! Good for me!

I'm going to try to blog about something else this weekend but, in case I don't, I'll see you here next Tuesday for the top 10! I wonder what the theme is going to be?

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Oh, man. Sanjaya made the top 10? That is sad.


Yep, it was time for Stefanie to go. (Sanjaya's overdue, of couse.) I hope Phil is next.

I almost voted for Sanjaya this week. I think I'm getting caught up in the hype!!

I hope Phil is next too! I'd rather listen to Sanjaya then Scary Phil!!

Your dedication is inspiring. I don't watch American Idol - but you might talk me into it.

Can't say I've seen this show, Kristi!