It's British Invasion week! We will be treated to Peter Noone and Lulu. I'm not sure who Lulu is but I know Peter. Herman's Hermit's were very popular when I was little. I'm not sure that there is a person my age in America that doesn't know all the words to "Henry the 8th." Peter was on Don and Mike this afternoon and was very funny. He said he got the gig because he was the only one still alive from those times! He was very entertaining.

As usual, I'm letting my Tivo run a bit so that I can skip the damn commercials. Also as usual, I'm playing poker! I'm holding my own but I'm deep into a tournament and am at the point that it's all in or nothing. This one started with 1500 people and 350 are left. I've been getting shit cards for awhile now and I'm getting bored! Good thing I've got Idol!

I think I have enough recorded so here we go!!!

Here's where Ryan tells us what we already know. "The fate of the 11 contestants are in our hands." Looks like Melinda has the pimp spot tonight. Now for the judges, blah, blah, blah, and some banter about Simon naked! Get on with it Ryan!

First up is the introduction of the theme for the week and our guest mentors. It's funny that Peter's having the guys sing by themselves and Lulu is using the girls like back-up singers. I guess Melinda feels at home.

**Poker Update: I'm am going down fast! Blinds are up to $2,000! There are 168 left. I just had 2 queens and doubled up!**

Haley is in the dead man's spot! Poor Haley!!! I hope she does well. She is doing great!!! You go girl!! She rocked it out! She gets my vote this time because she was great!

Chris R. is next and I just want to say that I don't like him. Let's see if he changes my mind. Nope, don't like him. We already have a Justin Timberlake, we don't need a poor copy of him (considering JT's not that great anyway). Why are the people clapping? I'm going to get a drink.

**Poker Update: I'm out in 85th! Not too bad!**

It's Stephanie's turn now and she's getting extra face time with Ryan and a viewer question. Guess what! The hardest part of the competition is picking a good song! Duh! Not a good start to me. She looked liked a deer caught in the headlights. She has a shot at going home tomorrow. If Melinda and LaKisha do half as well as they have been doing, all of Stephanie's votes will be going to them.

Blake is up next. So far it's a little disturbing. His dancing is a little odd and that outfit has got to go. It's not a good song choice for him. It goes up too high and down too low for him. The beat boxing is getting a little old for me. No votes for Blake tonight from me. The judges drooled all over him for some reason.

So far Haley is getting my votes and no one else. I'm sure that will change.

LaKisha is singing is "Diamonds are Forever." I just thought this song was for a James Bond movie and not a hit. She's doing a great job as usual. Her hair is a bit weird for me but love the bling! Stephanie fans have got a new favorite. Randy didn't really like it, Paula did, but Simon was with Randy. I liked her.

Scary Phil is singing "Tobacco Road." That is a bad choice. The guys did it last year at the final show. I don't think he's going to top last season's guys by any stretch of the imagination. Yep, he's sucking. OH!!! That was a BAD note! What the hell is he trying to do with that singing? His dancing makes him look like he's got to pee. No votes from me...ever! Simon slammed him so he might get more votes because of that. Damn Simon! He will be in the bottom three again but I don't think he'll be going home.

It's Jordin turn for another stupid viewer question that's not worth repeating. She's singing a song that Tom Jones recorded. Was he British? That was FANTASTIC! I didn't type one word during her performance! I'm buying it tomorrow!!! Voting for her! I got goose bumps! She's one of my myspace friends!

Oh no! It's San-gina (as in VAgina)! (That's what Don and Mike called him today. Almost made me drive my car off the road.) The camers just cut to a little girl in the audience that was crying. For San-gina? They keep going back to her. Poor little girl. Sanjaya actually did very well. Good for him! That poor little girl!! Sanjaya went out and hugged her! That was very nice. He'll be sticking around one more week so you'll be seeing him on the tour!

My girl Gina is going to rock it...hopefully! Gina gets extra face time, good! I don't really like the outfit but it might look better standing up. YEAH! "Paint it Black!!!" Awesome! Oh no! I'm not too thrilled so far. She didn't jump into the song with both feet. The ending was good but I'm not sure if it was good enough. I'll vote for her anyway since she's a rocker chick. Simon slammed her and she looked like she was going to cry so that will get her votes. Yeah, Simon! The outfit did look better standing up BTW.

Chris Sligh is next! There were times that I had to cover my eyes because of his dancing but I thought it turned out well. Oh course I'm voting for him. I'm not a fan of the print shirt. Big shout out to Dave from VFTW! He's going to be in BIG trouble!!

Hey! I'm voting for the same people I did last week! Imagine that!

Melinda has the pimp spot. She sings very well but I don't think this was a great song for her. I'd make fun of the fact that she has no neck, but that's getting old for me. There's that little girl crying again. Can't they leave her alone?!?!

Here's my bottom 3: Haley (because she had the dead man's spot), Phil (because he sucked), and Stephanie (because she's forgettable.)

Who will be leaving: Stephanie

Until tomorrow!!

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You don't know who Lulu is? :) OK... Years and years ago she sang a song called Shout. It went something like "You make me wanna shout. Put my hands up and shout". She also sang with Take That on a cover of Relight My Fire. I don't know wheat else she's done, but she's been around (in the UK anyway) for decades now!

Hey Nikki-ann!

I thought "You make me wanna shout" was by Otis Day and the Knights from Animal House! Oh well!! It's a great movie anyway!

Lulu? You don't know Lulu? To Sir With Love. Rent it now.

Also all seasons of "absolutely fabulous" - go. do it. you'll thank me.