Death becomes her...or him

It's the first of the bloody final 12 eliminations. This time only ONE head is going to roll! The buzz on the web is that Brandon is going and I agree. I think he's the most likely since he had the Dead Man's Spot and forgot his words and looked lost on that big stage. That's a lot for a person to recover from. Sanjaya is going to be safe because of the Hello-Kitty-unlimited-text-messaging voters, Vote for the Worst, and Howard Stern. Haley go the majority of the pity votes, mine included, due to the water-works she displayed. Stephanie is also in trouble tonight simply because she's like the belters, Melinda and LaKisha, but not as good.


Tivo's been running for about 17 minutes. I hope that's enough. During that time, I washed the dishes (most of them) my husband should be happy about that. I hate housework!!

Ryan tells us to prepare for the drama...okay. Of course, Diana Ross and her hair will be performing tonight. Now it's time for the clips from last night and we get to see that the judges what the contestants to be original but sing the songs like the original recordings. I think all of America is confused about that one. We also get to relive the gay banter between Ryan and Simon. Paula is shown crying like an idiot. Now it's time for the big group sing!

Big group sing ala Diana Ross!! I love these and it's as cheesetastic as it can be! Lots of people missing their cues and their words. Weird Boy/Girl groupings (LaKisha and Sanjaya) and lots of posing for the cameras! It doesn't get any better than this! Phil is VERY scary looking. Brandon is the first to miss his cue AND miss the lyrics. Haley looks good but is not singing that well. Squinty-eyed, no-neck Melinda is spot-on as usual. Chris sounds good and looks like he's having fun. Blake also looks like he's enjoying himself. Jordin is cute as a button! Gina made it through without laughing. Stephanie is, as usual, forgettable, poor girl!

Now we have to pay the bills. Why don't they show less commercials and charge more for them? Oh well! It just means that my Tivo gets a workout. I love my Tivo. I would cry for weeks if I lost it.

Ford commercial time! They went through the 60's (flower power), the 70's (disco), the 80's (break dancing), and I'm guessing the 90's but the last one was hard to tell. Was there anything specifically the 90's? I'm not sure. Let me know if you can think of anything.

Ryan is picking out the lowest three vote getters. Lakisha is asked to stand and told that she's safe. Gina stands and is safe! YES! Brandon, here we go, is in the bottom three. I'm shocked...NOT. Jordin is safe! Yeah! Chris R (hate him) is safe. Melinda is safe (DUH). Scary Phil is in the bottom three! YES! Chris Slight is safe! Whew! Stephanie is SAFE??? Good for her! Blake is safe so it's down to Sanjaya and Haley but first we have to break!

Normally they drag it out longer than that but they may be afraid of losing viewer since there has been a lot of talk about Idol jumping the shark this year.

It's time for the Challenge..yeah right. This one is kinda hard if you weren't watching the beginning of the show yesterday! I better go enter. Hey, someone's gotta win! The answers are in a different order on the web site. I wonder if the people that text message are going to be screwed or not? Maybe the web voters will be screwed?

It's time for Diana Ross. Hair isn't quite so big but the boa-thing with the dress makes up for that, BIG TIME. She doesn't sound very good. Well, not as good as she use to. That aging thing is a bitch. You have to love her though. She looks like she's having a blast! She should get her own Vegas show ala Wayne Newton. That would be fantastic.

HEY! I just noticed that the show is only 30 minutes! Yeah! Oh No! That means I'll have to finish the dishes. Damn!

Haley is in the safe!!! Sanjaya is in the bottom three! No way! It's too much to hope for!! Phil is safe and back to the couch. And the loser is...Brandon. Saw that coming but it was great to have Sanjaya in the bottom there. Now it's the smell-ya-later video with "Home" as the sound track. Shit! Tivo just stopped. I guess that all for me. So far I'm one for one! Let's see if I can keep it up!!


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