Ladies, Ladies, Ladies

It's the ladies turn tonight and it was also poker night for me and my husband. I came in 10th and he came in 9th. We seem to do that all the time. Just one of the many reasons we are good together! I just got home after dropping him off to pay more poker. Unfortunately, I have to go back and pick him up. I had to come home and vote for Gina! I'll keep the remarks brief.

Paula was missing for the first minute or two. OMG! Call the cops!

The girls are all really good but they are interchangeable. We've heard their kind before. It's good but nothing special. Gina is the only rocker so she gets my votes. The guys are far below the girls at this point. I would have to say that this season is sub par at best. There's no one the I really love at this point besides Chris and I mainly like him because he's funny and not the norm for Idol. This could be the season that AI jumps the shark. We shall see what the big announcement is tomorrow.

With that said, here are the girl wrap up.

Diva Jordin is up first and killed it! I like her a lot. I think it's because she's so young and always wears clothes I LOVE!

Diva Sabrina was good, as usual. Been there, Heard it, have the CD.

BFF Antonella was off time but still sounded better than she ever has...which isn't saying much. I wish she would go but I don't think she will.

(Paula has Sanjaya hair tonight!!)

I haven't liked anything that Haley has sung and tonight is no exception. At least she not yelling tonight, that's a plus. She sounds like the singers from the WOW CD commercials. WOW is the worship version of the NOW CDs for those of you that don't know.

Diva Stephanie is next. Very good voice but, again, I've heard it before.

Diva LaKisha sounds great as usual. Out of all the divas, she's in the top two. She's singing Whitney and doing an excellent job but we already have a Whitney...well, HAD a Whitney.

Gina rocks it tonight and looks the part! Come on people! Vote Gina!

Diva Melinda gets the pimp spot. She's the other diva in the top two. It's a different song for her but she sounds great. Been there, Heard that, have the CD.

Well, Antonella and Haley need to leave but I think it will be Haley and Sabrina bloody on the Idol stage tomorrow. Vote and vote often!!

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