11 good singers and Hello Kitty...I mean Sanjaya!

The dust has settled and Sabrina, Antonella, Jared, and Sundance are no more. It’s a sad day over at Vote For The Worst but they have bounced back and picked Sanjaya to carry the torch for them. I was sad/happy and everyone cried...a lot. Too much if you ask me but no one’s asking. I thought that it was going to be Sabrina and Haley going out of the girls and Jared and either Phil or Brandon so I was have right. You could have knocked me over with a feather when Sanjaya beat Sundance. The Hello Kitty vote has power (and unlimited text messaging)! Antonella will be appearing in Playboy very soon, Jared will find work on a cruise ship, Sabrina may find work off-Broadway, and Sundance...well...I’m thinking car wash??

Carrie Underwood performed and she’s great even though I voted for Bo Bice that year. She was perfect and entertained us unlike Pickler.

Tonight was also the night for the big announcement. Something that would “change Idol forever.” What a crock! Everyone on the net was excepting something that would have an impact on the show like bringing someone back from Hollywood week that should have made it though or an “Idol-off” where previous contestants (that aren’t doing anything in the business) come back to compete against each other. None of us expected what we got which was some kind of charity fund thingy being set up between AI, Coke, and Ford. When Ryan starting talking about that I groaned and had my hubby fast forward thought it. It turns out, that took the entire time until the next commercial break. Talk about filler!! Charity is nice and a good thing to do but it didn’t need to take up 25% of the show. During that entire time poor Sundance and Sanjaya were the only ones still on the stage. They knew one of them was going home but they were forced to sit there for 15 minutes in limbo. This show is so cruel!! (I love it!!!)

I have a busy weekend planned filled with working overtime and selling Avon. I REALLY need to sign at least two people up next week. I’m not really sure when I’m going to find the time especially since I’m playing poker tonight after work. I’ll come up with something. One of these days, I’m going to have to skip sleeping and get caught up.

Speaking of poker, I was in two on-line tournaments of 630 people each to try to win a change to win a seat to the World Series of Poker in Vegas. I did really well but not well enough. The first place winner of the tournaments get to move on to a tournament where the top 9 finishers get to move on to a tournament where the top two finishers get seats to the WSOP. In the first one, I was down to about $800 in chips and came back to finish 6th! I was so close!!! But wait, there’s more! In the second tournament, I got...2nd place! Talk about close! I almost cried! I beat out 628 other people but I couldn’t beat that last one! Of course, there was only one prize in each tournament so for doing as well as I did I got nothing. Oh well! I’ll try again...and again...and again until I make it!

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