Happy AI Day to all!

Not much going on in my real life right now. Avon is keeping me busy along with my normal job. It's really cold out so I haven't been able to get all my books out yet which is a bummer. I'm hitting the streets tomorrow after work before I play poker. I should be able to get most of them out at that time (I say that to myself all the time and it never happens)!

rant/ Poker on Sunday was a bust. Mike had to go to Rockville because his mom went to the emergency room again. She was back home pretty quickly so that's good. At poker, I got sitted at a table with three new people and two assholes! There are two groups in town that do poker tournaments. One that up the blinds every 5-10 minutes depending on how the director feels at the moment. The people their think they are professional card players but they're really assholes. The other one is the one I like. Everyone is really nice and don't go off if someone does something "wrong." One of the places that the first group played at is no longer doing it because they didn't make any money. Now those people are invading our game. Their favorite phrase is "They wouldn't let you do that in Vegas." Let me tell you. I've played in Vegas and Atlantic City and the people are NICE. If I saw any of those people in either place, I'd go to a different casino. You also have a dealer who runs the table and keeps everyone in line (most of the time). I feel like telling those people to go the hell home if they don't like it. No one asked them to join us anyway! Damn Assholes! Anyway, I was NOT having a good time on Sunday. I got two face cards and went all in so I could leave. I like to enjoy myself and not have to worry if some dick-head is going to yell at me because I didn't muck my cards in the "correct" spot. /rant

Back to business at hand! It's Tuesday and it's the guys night up. Two more guys and two more girls will be going home this week. That means next week, the top 12 get stylists!! I can't wait to see what they do with Chris Sligh's hair!

I guess this week we get to find out something we don't know about the contestants. Oh boy. Can you hear the joy in my voice? Yee-Haw. Here's what we don't know about Blake, he like Halloween and Jimmy Walker Blue (???). He's singing a song a haven't heard...again. He sounds really good. I like him. He makes singing look effortless. Pretty good! Randy says it was hawt (as usual). Paula didn't know the song either. Simon didn't understand a word but says Blake will make it to next week.

Sanjaya and Jason are up after the next break. This should be interesting.

What's up with Sanjaya's hair? Oh boy, he can hula. He's singing a John Mayer song that I don't know. I liked his first song but haven't kept up with him. As you can tell, I could can less what Sanjaya's doing. He's boring as usual. I well have to say this was his best effort to date...which is not saying much. Randy is babbling and Paula is stumbling on what to say and Simon says it wasn't as ghastly as last week. Simon thinks it's his hair that's keeping him in. He's going to get the 10-14 year old girl

Jason is up. He says he's thin in real life. Ha-Ha. OH BOY! He's sucking tonight. I don't think Vote for the Worst is going to switch to Sanjaya tonight! Let's check! Their pick isn't up yet. I'll have to check back later. What the judges are saying is a perfect example of how they manipulate America. They are saying he was good! They didn't hear what I heard. Maybe Simon will set them straight. Simon didn't like it! Yeah! Jason gets the "bar singer" comment.

(I've GOT to see Blades of Glory!! Mind-bottling! Will Ferrel is excellent! Tank! Tank! Tank! Tank! You're my Boy Blue!)

Travis Tritt is in the house!!!! I've always liked him but I can't watch his videos. You know the ones. The continuing saga of the guy in the wheel chair. They make me cry every time! Especially the one where he looses his wife!)

Chris "K-Fed" Richardson is next and he played football and was chunky. He's singing a country song that I know but I can't think of the title just yet. He's singing it a little high for my tastes. Well, I don't like him anyway. The run he did was crappy and not called for. YUCK! I guess the judges want him to be here next week. Simon says it was cutesy and safe but sold it. I don't know about all that.

Wedding Bells is on tomorrow! I'll have to Tivo that.

Jared played basketball. Big deal. He's singing Stevie Wonder. He is SOOOO Carlton from Fresh Prince! It kills me! He sings pretty good as long as I don't look at him. Now he's doing a dance-spin thing with the camera. So hated that...but it was funny! Randy says it was solid. Paula says that he should color his singing. Simon knows what Paula's trying to say!! That's amazing! Simon is disappointed. Check out Prof. Chan's Look a Likes!!

Phil and Brandon are next up. Does that mean the my Chris gets the pimp spot???

Brandon plays the piano (side note: I learned how to spell piano by watching Captain Kangaroo! To this day, whenever I hear the word piano, I start singing the song. "P-I-A-N-O I'm looking for a piano, not any old piano but one that makes you gay! I'm looking! I'm looking! I'm la-la-la-la-looking!"). "I just want to Celebrate" is the song he picked. I'm not so sure about that pick. He isn't known for his picks. He's not doing too bad. The run at the end was shaky but over all he was good. He picked an okay one this time. I think he'll make it. Simon just said "Travis, I don't think you've represented yourself well." I guess not since his name is Brandon! Yes, that is what he said! Too funny!

There's not much we don't know about Phil thanks to the powers that be. Guess what! Phil wasn't always bald. Shocker!! HOLY SHIT!!! He can't start a song on key to save his soul! Please! America! Don't vote for him!! I beg of you! I don't want to be in pain for the next 11 weeks!! PLEASE! The judges panned him. Thank goodness!

Just started DialIdol Software and there's another update! Holy changing software Batman!

Chris Sligh had short hair and was bald at one time. He's coming out swinging!! Alright!! He sounds great! I'm so glad he got the pimp spot!!!! IMAO, he was excellent! Randy gives him the vocal prize. Paula didn't like it, bitch! Simon didn't like it but gave him good comments.

Voting has already started. I've already started DialIdol to vote for Blake and Chris. Here are the totals so far 21 calls for each but only 1 vote each. That's great news!!! One of my friends voted for people just to see if they could get through! Please, don't do that! I could have hit her when she told me that!

More AI tomorrow!! (side note: I learned how to spell tomorrow from my third grade teacher, Mrs. Garrett. She said it was spelled "tom or row" and I have spelled it that way ever since.)

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