It's Thursday so it must be American Idol

Dig Paula's extensions!! It looks like barbie doll hair! I slept through the ladies so it's good to see the recaps. I'm not sure about some of the outfits they were wearing. Melinda sounded great! Tonight is the night for cheese!! We have the group number! Joy to the World!! Give me some Jazz Hands!! Man, Jason has a hairy chest!! That was just about as much cheese as they could cram into one song. Loved it! Tons of jazz hands and people off cue. Just once, I'd like them to end up doing a pyramid or laying down and spelling a word at the end of one of those numbers.

As you might have guessed, I feel much better today! My cold left me and went to my husband at around noon today. Kinda strange but I'm not husband is though!

Blitz Krieg asked me if I do this on a laptop and I do. My husband and I bought a laptop for Christmas. We take turns with it. He plays poker and I blog AND play poker. I'm not playing right now but I will be soon. It's handy having a lap top with wireless in front of the TV. Could I get any lazier?

We're back!

The guys are first on the chopping block. Phil is safe, duh! That was a no brainer. He's got a lot of voters even though I think he sucks. Chris Sligh is safe! Jason is safe (he was number one on Blake should be safe and he is. Good! I like him. Oh no! Ryan's calling Jared out. That's a bad sign. But he's safe. This show is cruel. BANG! Nick is dead!! MAN! This show is cruel, BIG TIME. I thought he was going to leave tonight. They shoot him in the back of the head and then make him sing the song that he got voted out on. Oh look! He's saying goodbye to the guys. That's nice.

It's the girls turn at the hangman's noose. Stephanie is safe. Gina is safe. Thank you America! Sabrina has to stand? She is safe. Mean! Melinda is safe, of course. Alaina is leaving. Thank goodness. She sucked. Now if Antonella leaves, it will be a perfect night! I know that's not going to happen. She's third on Finally, someone can't sing the closing song! That's the way it should be! They're all hugging now. That's good. Jason is crying too! She managed to pull herself together enough to kinda finish the song.

Kelly Pickler is singing tonight. I like her "Red High Heels" song. I hate to admit it but I do. I bought it from iTunes. I also bought Elliott's single that was just recently available. You should get it, it's good. The album drops on March 20th. Listen to me! "The album drops" like I'm some kind of expert on the subject.

Kelly is cute as a baby puppy! Move girl! Don't just stand there looking like a goober! Yes, your boobs look nice but they are not going to hold my attention. Boring. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I'm going to eat my Haagen-Dazs! Strawberry.

Guys are up again. The other Chris is safe, damn! Brandon is safe. He's lucky because he really sucked. Sanjaya and AJ are last and AJ is leaving. DAMN! I voted over 300 times for AJ! I so liked his performance. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN! Paula made sense with her advice to AJ. Randy didn't think the right person went home. That just got some more votes for Sanjaya next time. AJ's rocking it again tonight. Good for him!

LaKisha is safe. Ryan made her stand for nothing. Haley is safe. Antonella, Leslie and Jordin are all called to the center. Leslie is going home. We get to hear sing the same song that AJ sang only Leslie's version with the scatting. The video package gave her a chance to compose herself at least.

Oh well! Four more down. We learned tonight that Idol is actually a popularity contest and not a singing contest...DUH. We knew that. It's over until next Tuesday. We shall see what we shall see. I promise to vote for the best singer! Who am I kidding! I'll vote for who ever the hell I want to. I know I won't vote for BFF Antonella or should I say BJ Antonella. Have you seen all the pictures? I know the BJ ones aren't really her but the wet ones at the WWII memorial in DC are! She's HOT if I do say so myself. I wonder if they'll address that subject next week on Idol.

Until then, TTFN!!

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I need to get a laptop. It seems whenever I get a great idea one of the kids are in the middle of something.