What do people think?!?

I was checking my myspace account. Yes, I have a myspace account and I actually pimped it out the other day - check it! I needed an account there to view some pictures one of my friends posted there. If it wasn't for Bryan, I STILL wouldn't have an account.

Where was I? Oh Yeah! Myspace! Well, I was checking to see if I had any new friends yet (kind of like watching paint dry) and I saw a bulletin posted my one of my "friends" that was titles "61 questions"! Who in the hell has time to answer 61 questions?!? I find 10 is too much and 5 is, at the very least, annoying but 61!! She needs something more to do! Like blogging about stupid quizzes people post and email.

Here are some of the questions and my thoughts:

1. How tall are you? Who the hell cares! The people that know me in real life know how tall I am and my Internet friends think that I'm the size of my bio pic, about 1 inch tall.

2. Do you own a gun? Okay, this one is a little scary for only the second question.

3. Rehab? Again, a little scary and like I would tell anyone if I was in rehab, please!

4. Have you ever killed an animal? What the hell kind of quiz is this, guns, rehab, and now killing animals! Are we looking for a serial killer?!?

5 - 10 are BORING!! Well, more boring then the rest, so far.

11. Have you ever done ecstasy? Another drug question

12. Have you been shot? Another gun question

13. Really dumb question

14. Do you like painkillers? Okay, is this a high school experiment for a science fair project? What's with these questions.

15. Boring

16. Do you own a knife? Can you imagine Jeffery Dahmer's answers to these questions?!? "I have a number of knifes that I use for cutting up various "things" but I really love the good old stand by, my butcher knife. Does the job every time." How creepy is that?!?

17. Boring A.D.D. question

18. Do you love the pain a tattoo brings? Now I know someone is trying to profile someone. This is how my "friend" answered this one: "pain is weakness leaving the body an yessss i do" Okaaaay! (*put the mouse down and walk away, quickly*)

The rest are normal questions about music, clothes, love, hate, etc. - zzzzzzzzzzz

These quiz thingys are a blight on society and should me wiped out at every turn! I wish!!

What are some weird quiz questions you've come across?

Oh! Almost forgot!! Please welcome Eva the deadbeat to the Rollcall! I caught some of her stuff on You Tube and she is GREAT!!! I still tell people about the Brangelina fight!

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Those questions are unbelievable, and I love your responses. I get a feeling that myspace site will be confiscated by the Feds before too long as evidence in a serial murder case.

That is sooo weird. I think I would give those questions a wide berth. Also 61 questions is outrageous!

I don't mind doing some memes as some short ones can be fun. I like to choose what I share though.


61? Good grief! I love your attitude, girl.